2020 electric Kia e-Soul

2020 Electric Kia e-Soul Detailed Review

2020 electric Kia e-Soul spec will only be sold in Europe and the model. The car will have the third battery version which offers more power and a longer range. Discover more features of the Kia e-Soul.

Upgraded Telematics Systems

The E-Soul model has added new services to it’s existing voice-activated feature. These services include;

Car care web-This is to help in checking the vehicles diagnostics and maintenance schedule.

Car assist-This feature sends the location of your car in a parking lot just in case you cannot locate it.

Crash notification Assistowner receives a notification in the event of airbag deployment and the car’s location.

In its third generation, KIA’s pioneering urban crossover has become more distinctive, dynamic and innovative than ever. However, the Kia e-Soul embraces the iconic design and playful character of its predecessors.

Kia live system-The car will have a seven inch LCD screen on the dashboard. The system will use it’s sim cards to retrieve information and give live data such as; traffic information, weather forecast, packing spots, and their locations.

New Generation Battery

Kia e-soul battery

The e-soul will be powered exclusively by electric energy, with no option of diesel or petrol. The battery will have two choices. A long-range or a standard range of 64mph and 39mph respectively. The new-generation battery packs powering the new e-Soul is up to 30% more energy efficient than Europe’s current best-selling electric vehicle.

The new e-Soul breaks more ground, as we launch it in Europe with an extended-range electric powertrain as standard. Moreso, It does not have the option of an internal combustion engine.

Exterior Design

kia e-soul exterior

The new KIA e-soul has embraced the model designs of predecessors but with new sculptured lines and improved lighting. This gives it a funky, futuristic and youthful appearance.

Interior Design

kia e-soul interior design

The interior of the Kia e-sou is mainly Inspired by music. Some may wonder how? Here is how this has been done. The designers have improved the interior by increasing the volume through the use of acoustic images.

This creates a  more receptive mood. The cabin is done with synthetic leather with different colours depending on the specifications of the market.

The cabin is also fitted with optional sound mood lighting systems which emit soft lighting from the door panel


The e-Soul is definitely going to take the European market considering the sales statistics of the previous model and the fact that it is a more improved version.

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