5 Simple Steps on How To Sell Your Car Quickly

Sell your car online

Selling your can be difficult. You’ve worked hard and made many payments to get that beamer. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or just letting go of the monthly maintenance expenses, you deserve to get the best deal from your car sale. 

Below are 5 tips to help you sell your car with ease and quickly:

1. Put Your Car’s Documentation In Order

Put documentation in order- sell your car quickly

Used cars are harder to sell. Most people worry that there may be something hidden in a vehicle’s past that could lead to major repairs or make it unsafe to drive. What you need to do is ease their concerns with as much documentation as possible.

Gather up those repair and maintenance records if you have them. This shows that you’ve given the car regular oil changes, tune-ups, replaced old tires, and lights. It also provides a written record to show any major repair that’s been made to the vehicle for the buyer’s future reference.

2. Get Your Car Checked Out by Your Mechanic

Have your car checked by a mechanic-Sell your car quickly

Have your mechanic look at problems you suspect the vehicle may have. If you’ve noticed it making a noise when you drive, mention that. If you have trouble starting it, let them know. This gives the mechanic a place to start from in diagnosing any vehicle repairs. Consider focusing on the damage that hinders a sale the most.

If there are no issues, then get a tune-up and oil change. People appreciate a car that requires no upkeep or maintenance as soon as they purchase it. If you have recently had the vehicle checked out and got the oil changed, it will bump up the value of the car a little bit in the buyer’s mind.

3. Give Your Car a Deep Cleaning

Deep clean your car before selling- sell your car quickly

If you want customers to buy your car, take a few hours out of your day and get it cleaned. Customers do notice trash in the floor, food crumbs in the seats and dust that builds up on your vehicle. It creates the impression that you don’t take very good care of your car. They may feel like they are not be getting a good deal. On the other hand, potential buyers love a car that looks like new.

Pay for detailing. Most dealers pay for professional detailing services to keep their vehicles in great condition. A good quality detailer will also restore your vehicle, fill in scratches, and remove dents.

4. Do Some Market Research to Determine the Right Price for Your Car

Cheki true price feature- sell your car quickly

More often than not, car owners undervalue their vehicles. When putting that car up for sale, put some effort into doing market research as well to determine the value of your car.

Look up the car value online and compare prices or check the sale price of other similar vehicles. Cheki has a unique True Price feature that is designed to provide car sellers with accurate information on the prices of cars in Kenya. In the event you are having trouble finding similar vehicles, expand your search radius.

5. Take Great Pictures

Take good Photos to market your car

If you plan on selling your car online, you need quality photographs to show potential buyers. Even though they may not be professional. Ensure your car images are clear and recognizable.

Take photographs of the exterior and interior. The best time to take photographs is on a cloudy, but hopefully, dry day. This is because there are no bright spots, softer shadows, and fewer reflections.

Get one shot of the entire car, but you might want multiple shots from all sides. Take photos of features that add value. When you upload the pictures online combine exterior, interior and pictures of options. This is a much better strategy than ordering all pictures because it makes buyers look through more pictures.

In conclusion, over 300k car buyers are scouting the Cheki website with over 6000 cars sold monthly. Follow the above steps then post your car details hereYou will also get an instant notification via SMS whenever anyone shows interest in the car you are selling. It’s that simple.

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