Autochek Africa Now Licensed By The Central Bank of Kenya

Autochek Africa, the leading digital automotive company, is thrilled to announce that the Central Bank of Kenya has licensed it to offer digital credit in Kenya. This significant milestone marks Autochek Africa’s commitment to revolutionizing the automotive industry in Africa by providing auto financing solutions to make car ownership more affordable and accessible across the region.

The Central Bank of Kenya worked closely with Autochek and other players in the ecosystem to review its business model with a focus on consumer protection in line with the relevant regulations. With this milestone, Autochek Africa aims to offer seamless car financing services that will transform the way people buy and own cars in the country.

As a licensed Digital Credit Provider, Autochek will continue to work closely with the CBK and other regulators to provide the highest quality financial services to car buyers, making it easier for individuals and businesses to access affordable credit solutions tailored to the needs of Kenyan consumers. 

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