Sixth edition Nairobi sunset Gt car show

The 6th Edition of Nairobi Sunset GT Car Show

Sunset GT is a car show that is one of a kind as it is able to capture all the aspects in the motor industry. From a car’s exterior and interior elegance, engine transformation, wheels fitness and exhaust modifications. The show is a perfect demonstration of the past, present and what the future holds.  

Car lovers get a chance to see the majestic work of the car collectors and engineers who transform their cars in unimaginable ways. Moreso, You can be sure that you will not see these cars on our roads on normal days. This is what makes the event special.

The  6th edition Sunset GT car show was held at Two Rivers mall on 14th April. As expected, the event was nothing short of excellent. Cars on display were mind-blowing. From the designs, sleek colours and other extraordinary features.
Below are some of our favourites:

Rolls Royce

This is not the normal Royce Royce that you know. When Einstein said that creativity is intelligence speaking, he was absolutely right. Designed by Calvin DeSouza, the Kenyan made Rolls Royce caught the attention of many people especially its conspicuous statue of ecstasy. It might not have the standards of an original Rolls Royce car but this indicated the potential we have in the motor industry.

Kenyan made Rolls Royce

Spiked Monster

What name would you give it? This was another piece of creativity at work. The body was that of a Mercedes-Benz. The car had been Spiced with extra suspension, a huge shiny exhaust pipe and gigantic wheels.

Why not be a road monster with all those features? Significantly, the number of people who were hovering around the machine to take photos was a clear indication of how unusual the car was.

spiked monster
Source: Sunset GT motor show

Luxury Portion

If you were looking to see sleek, luxurious cars, that was also covered. From the famous Cadillac SUV, Audi, Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes Benz . The fans got an opportunity to feel the engine buzz of the machines and take photos.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz


lincoln Navigator
Lincoln Navigator

Vintage Class

A touch of elegance and style rocked the vintage car’s display. The cars had an astounding design. This is the best description of reincarnation. The cars had been transformed using locally made materials which made them look as good as new.

Vintage class

Nissan GTR GTR3

How often do you see a  flame thrower on the road? The chances are almost zero. I bet some of you have never seen one. On the other hand, even if they have, maybe in fiction movies and on the internet. Well, an actual flame thrower also graced the Sunset GT event.

The Nissan GTR GTR3 showed what it was made off as it revved on the track. With the amazing sound and the flames produced, it definitely turned heads.

The lucky ones got a chance to capture this using their phones. and we were not left behind.

Nissan GTR
Source: Sunset GT Motor show

Buick Riviera

Here is why you got to love this motor show. Some cars are very rare and at the same time, carry good childhood memories.

The Buick Riviera is one kid of a car. Growing up, Buick models were often used by the top musicians in their videos. I don’t think that there was anything cooler then. Notably, not forgetting the late Wrestling star Eddie Guerrero and his bouncing Buick.

At the car event, this beast also did not disappoint. The sleek black coloured car and its long sedan body spoke volumes. The features which prove the authenticity of the Buick were well manifested.

Buick Riviera
Buick Riviera


For all the car lovers, be they classic, vintage or new models, Sunset Gt Motor Show is one event you should look forward to. This happens twice a year. You can be sure that each of these shows will have something captivating. See you at the next show.

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