Simple Steps On How To Get Car Insurance On Cheki

mTek and Cheki have announced the signing of a strategic partnership. Furthermore, this will enhance and simplify the process of obtaining and insuring a motor vehicle in the Kenyan Market.

The Cheki-Mtek partnership will enable customers to get reliable, convenient car insurance.

In a single day, you apply, we get you reasonable quotes from different insurers, you pay and get your insurance. This means you can access more than 30 insurers with ease in the comfort of your home.

Below are the steps to guide you on how to get car insurance on Cheki.

Step One 


Visit our website. Proceed to click on Insurance on the menu bar.

You can also directly click on

Step Two


Fill in your vehicle’s details. These include:

  • Make or brand of the vehicle ie. Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen,Nissan e.t.c
  • Model of your vehicle which is the specific car made by the brand. For example Toyota brand has Wish, Crown, Fielder Volkswagen has Golf, Tiguan e.t.c
  • Year of manufacture of the vehicle
  • The value of your vehicle is calculated as the amount of money the car would sell for at that particular time.

After filling in this information, click on the green button which reads ‘’Get Quote’’.

Step Three

Here, you will fill in your personal details for documentation purposes. 

Make sure you give correct information to avoid any miscommunication. These will include:

  • Full name as it reads on your national identity card.
  • Your registered mobile phone number.
  • The email address which we will use to send the insurance quotes.

Step Four 



Click on the next button to get various quotes from companies that are offering insurance cover. 

The quotes vary in amounts from one insurance company to another. Take your time before choosing the right insurance policy for your vehicle.

Step Five

After selecting the company, your inquiry is sent to our team and we will reach out to you either via email or call. Our sales team will answer any questions you may have regarding applying for car insurance.

When you are certain you have selected the right cover and the premiums are in your budget, you can proceed to pay.

Stickers are available and will be given without delays.


Cheki Kenya and Mtek Services are dedicated to giving customers fast and seamless service. You can apply for your car insurance at the comfort of your home.

The Mtek app is equally available for download on the google app.

Be smart with us and get the right insurance cover for your car with over 30 insurance partners in the country to choose from.

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