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10 Things to Love About Audi Cars

Audi cars are usually a blend of luxury and sports. On the road, they are smooth, fast and balanced. There is a popular saying that unless you drive an Audi, you won’t know why it is expensive. But we can tell you about things that make the Audi different and exciting.

Audi has consistently built cars that are fast in a straight line, so fast that sometimes the company deliberately downplays its horsepower and performance figures. Below are 10 things to love about Audi cars:

1. It is Fashionable

Audi cars are not only attractive, but highly fashionable. This, I suppose, influences consumers’ taste for it. Its conservative design has a broader appeal to customers than an approach that favours standout styling.

2. Tasteful Interiors

Sitting in an Audi has been frequently described as sitting in your living room. Its interiors are among the finest in the automobile industry. They are painstakingly laid out, with the best materials and, with intuitive controls that deliver comfort.

Getting stuck in traffic will have a different feeling if you find yourself stuck in an Audi.

3. Unrivalled Technology

With its fashionable cars, it is not a surprise that Audi is also a front line player in automobile technology. Its MMI infotainment system ranks among the best available in the market. Its technology is easy to use and gives a reassuring presence in the cabin.

4. Spoilt for Options

With the Audi, you’re literally spoilt for choice. The brand has some of the most varied line-ups, from super-mini to supercars for everyone. Luckily, whatever model you are able to afford, you will still have the opportunity to experience the Audi awesomeness.

5. Racing Cars

Audi isn’t just about passenger cars. It also produces some of the fastest racing cars in the world. The Audi R8 is an excellent two-seat luxury sports car with a V10 engine that lets you rule the road. It has dynamic handling, great cabins, and it is comfortable.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Not all car companies that produce the calibre of SUVs that Audi has can lay a claim to being green. Audi’s diesel engines CO2 have been driven down; they now have an increased fuel economy.

Audi is also busy developing electric cars and plug-in hybrids. These hybrids further add to its green credentials.

7. Celebrity Car

Audi is almost an official car for actors and musicians and celebrity athletes. We probably didn’t get the memo, but this car is officially a celebrity car.

Some of these celebrities end up purchasing an Audi after enjoying the tasteful interiors and superior comfort that it offers.

8. Balanced Driving

We have discussed how Audi vehicles are a melange of unique and exclusive technologies. We have also looked at how their engines are both powerful and fuel-efficient. We’ve also taken a look at how each design stands out in the market and receives much praise from experts and customers alike.

However, we haven’t mentioned that the secret to Audi’s successful run lies in the production of vehicles that are balanced. You can place Audi models side by side any BMW or Mercedes-Benz. They compete on the strength of their driving dynamics, comfort and refinement.

Audi cars are balanced between sports and comfort and sometimes outrank many other can brands.

9. Incredible Craftsmanship

The Audi is carefully designed. The leather is of high-quality. The craftsmanship is state-of-the-art, functional and logical. The materials are rich and painstakingly fitted to work perfectly.

The interiors are elegant and modern, while the engines are made to deliver incredible performance.

10. Reliability

Audi is a brand that is on a first-name basis with luxury and prestige. But reliability is also an important factor when picking a car. It is even more important if the car is as expensive as an Audi. According to J.D Power, Audi is ranked 4 out of 5 for dependability and this figure puts Audi ahead of most brands.

Consumer reports have also corroborated this ranking in annual reviews of brand reliability, road-test, and performance.

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