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The Auto Doctor Show: 7 Things You Should Know

Is the Auto Doctor Show a reality TV show? The answer is no! Rather, it is a weekly show designed to help car owners and potential car buyers have a better understanding of how to keep cars in good condition. In other words, it revolves around vehicle safety and maintenance.

Let’s take a quick look at 7 things you should know about the Auto Doctor Show, how it works and what you stand to benefit from it regardless of whether you have a car of your own or planning to buy one.

What is the Auto Doctor Show About?

The Auto Doctor Show is a weekly show that aims to give car owners and potential car buyers an opportunity to have a firmer grasp of common car problems. That’s not all! You also learn how to identify car issues, how to go about repairing the car as well as how to avoid them altogether with simple car maintenance tips. The show is powered by Autochek; an automotive company that combines technology and data to enhance the experience of all things cars | Buying | Selling | Car loans | Vehicle Maintenance and Warranty

Where Does the Show Happen?

The show goes live on the official Instagram page of Autochek Nigeria (@autochekng). All you need is an Instagram account. To join, simply log into your Instagram account and follow @autochekng. If you already follow the page, proceed to click the story thumbnail of the Autochek page and you’re in.

How Frequently Can You Join the Show?

The Auto Doctor Show goes live every Saturday and runs from 9am – 10am, which makes it a weekly show.

What Happens on the Show?

As we mentioned earlier, the Auto Doctor Show is a platform that gives you the opportunity to find solutions to any car problem you might be dealing with.

On the show, you have three key participants – The host, a special guest (an expert in the automotive industry) and other participants like you who are interested in finding answers to a wide range of vehicle maintenance issues.

What Kind of Questions Do Participants Ask?

On the Auto Doctor Show, you have the freedom to ask any question you might have that pertains to your car. Different car owners have different experiences, which explains why we always have experts as special guests to profer solutions to any car problem you might be dealing with.

  • My steering wheel shakes when I drive, what is causing this?
  • My car is consuming too much oil – What do I do?
  • How do I know the right oil to buy for my car?
  • What do I do about my car’s squealing brakes?

These are the kinds of questions we find car owners asking but we should mention here that we also get questions from potential car buyers who have specific car brands and models that they are interested in.

How Old is the Show?

The first episode of the show went live on March 27th, 2021 and since then, the show has gone on to witness many more episodes.

Who Was the First Guest on the Auto Doctor Show?

The first special guest on the show was the CEO, Just Automobile and Merchanting, Mr Adesanya Olusola and as you might have guessed, he had a great time fielding questions from car owners in Nigeria and Ghana.

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