Advantages Of Tinting The Windows Of Your Car

Advantages Of Tinting The Windows Of Your Car

Tinted car windows help in protecting you against excessive heat and harmful UV rays. It also protects exposed dashboard surfaces from cracking and keeps the cabin cool.  

That said, before you tint your car, it`s vital that you get accustomed to the traffic rules within your jurisdiction to avoid breaking the law. Below are the advantages of tinting the windows of your car.

Ultra Violet Filtration And Cooling

UV light penetrating through a cars's windscreen

Long exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays may cause skin cancer especially to those with less melanin pigmentation. Tinting your car windows reduces UV exposure by 90% especially when it is hot.

Increased Privacy

Tinted car windows showing privacy

This is the most obvious advantage of window tinting. The window film can reject visible light from making its way to the interior, hence making it difficult for prying eyes to see what is beyond the window. 

On normal circumstances, a car burglar is always motivated to commit a theft when he`s able to see the contents of the car. This often happens during traffic snarl-ups. Window tints discourage car burglary as one cannot know whether there is an occupant or not.

Provides A Cool And Comfortable Interior

Cool and comfortable Car Interior

One major benefit of window tints is that they can reduce the heat in your car. While regular glass windows only filter about 30% of solar heat, a professionally installed window tint can filter more than 80%.

The tint also reflects light away from the surface, causing the cabin not be heated. The main benefit of heat reduction in your interior is the provision of comfortable and luxuriously cool conditions even during the hot summer period. The other remarkable benefit of a cool interior is that it can save on your fuel economy by lessening the need to use your air conditioning.

Improves Car Safety

Shattered car window showing safety

Tinted windows protect the glass from shattering in case of an accident. The tint film is a laminate and when applied to the cars’ windows, it holds the glass window together and provides an entirely sealed unit.

In the event of an accident or window breakage, the film holds the glass firmly, preventing it from shattering. Without the tint, the glass can easily shatter and spray flying pieces at occupants.


The choice of whether to tint your car windows or not is a personal decision. However, car window tinting is no longer a luxury as it used to be. It`s now becoming a necessity because he benefits outweigh the initial cost incurred.

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