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Where to Get the Best Car Loans in Nigeria

Where can you find the best car loans in Nigeria? Is this a question you can provide an answer to right now? If your answer is yes, we’d love to see your list. However, if you have no idea where to even begin, we’re here to nudge you in the right direction.

This piece strives to point you in the direction of where to find the best car loans in Nigeria. In other words, the goal of this article is to help you find a car loan that is devoid of stress and headaches. Have a Look at the list below.

Consumer Finance Organisations

Nigeria is replete with consumer finance organisations that are willing to provide you with a car loan. If you’re wondering where to find them, we’ll help you out. Below is a list of some of the popular consumer finance organisations or online lenders in Nigeria as they are sometimes tagged.

One beautiful thing about getting a car loan from these organisations is the ease of getting it. You can apply and get pre-qualified right from the comfort of your home and we’re not kidding about this.

  • Renmoney
  • Tangerine Life
  • FundQuest
  • Rosabon Financial Services
  • C24
  • ACK Finance
  • Eazzicash
  • CredPal
  • Rex Credit
  • Carbon
  • BOC Trust
  • CitiHoms
  • Coral Stone
  • PayWithSpecta
  • Sovereign Finance Limited
  • Mena Credit
  • Max NG


Banks in Nigeria stand out as powerful financial institutions and you can count on them for easy car loans. Did you know that some banks in Nigeria are partnered with trusted brands in the automotive space to go beyond just giving you a car loan? In addition to getting you car loans, some banks in Nigeria have taken the extra step of connecting you to a wider range of benefits.

One of the recent examples of this is the Access Bank’s partnership with Autochek. Others include the latter’s partnership with Okra and Mono to deliver easy car loans. Through these partnerships, you get access to not just car loans but a huge inventory of inspected cars to choose from. That’s not all. You also get access to trusted mechanic workshops for all your car servicing and repair needs. In other words, instead of getting just a car loan, you get a car loan, trusted dealers to buy from, logistics support and so much more. It goes as far as:

✅ Getting you access to workshop partners near you

✅ Getting your car delivered to you after servicing/repairs

✅ Getting specialised mechanics for different car brands and so much more

Below are some popular banks in Nigeria where you can access the best car loans in Nigeria

  • Stanbic IBTC Bank
  • Access Bank
  • VFD Microfinance Bank
  • Fina Trust Microfinance Bank
  • SLS Bank
  • Hasal Microfinance Bank
  • Peace Microfinance Bank
  • Jaiz Bank
  • Taj Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • FCMB
  • Union Bank
  • Wema Bank
  • Addosser Microfinance Bank
  • UBA

Car Dealers

A car dealer’s lot is another place where you can get the best car loans in Nigeria and the reason isn’t far-fetched. Of course, they are keen to get their cars sold. If you’re making outright payment for their car, that’s fine. However, in a situation where you need a car loan to buy a car that you are interested in, you can count on them to provide you with a plug of solutions

A great example of this is dealers within the Autochek network in Nigeria. The number of dealers under this network continues to grow. At the time of writing this, Autochek has over 400 certified car dealers within its network and can get you a car loan in 2 days.

Plugs For All Things Cars

There are brands designed to plug you into 360-degree solutions for all things cars and a perfect example of this is Autochek. As mentioned earlier, Autochek goes beyond merely connecting you to financial institutions and car dealers.

The Autochek ecosystem has over 400 car dealers (across Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kaduna) and all the financial institutions mentioned above as partners. As expected, this opens you up to more opportunities and benefits, which we hit on earlier.

Final Thoughts on Best Car Loans in Nigeria

Regardless of where you are getting your car loan, one thing they all have in common are the requirements. Below are some of the requirements you should be prepared to provide:

  • Valid ID
  • Employment letter
  • Salary account/Business account
  • Utility bill
  • Official email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank Verification Number
  • Bank Statement

We should also mention here that you should never get a car loan for a car that you have not inspected physically. The inspection of the car is just as important as buying the car. The inspection gives you an opportunity to be sure of the condition of the car that you are buying. For the inspection, you need to check the following:

  • The brakes
  • The emergency brake
  • The bumpers (front and rear)
  • The interior
  • The horn
  • The seat belts
  • The AC
  • The emergency equipment
  • The license and insurance details
  • The lights
  • The headlight
  • The brake light
  • The turn signals
  • The reversing light
  • The 4-way flashers
  • The mirrors
  • The tyres
  • The wheel alignment
  • The spare tyre
  • The engine
  • The brake fluid level
  • The windshield washer level
  • The battery
  • The power steering fluid
  • The hoses
  • The windshield
  • The rear window
  • The window controls
  • The windshield wipers and so much more

Now that we’ve told you where to find the best car loans in Nigeria, which brand and model of car are you interested in? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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