The Best Selling New Cars In Kenya

The Best Selling New Cars In Kenya

The Kenyan new car market is very competitive. It has an annual turnover of 20,000 vehicles sold. 80% of this figure belongs to the commercial vehicle segment. Brands such as Toyota, Isuzu, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and Tata are currently the most popular. Below are the top five best selling new cars in Kenya currently.

Toyota HiluxToyota Hilux, Best Selling Car

This is the people’s favourite car for transportation of goods. The Hilux is popular because of its fuel efficiency, durability and easy maintenance schedule. Additionally, Toyota’s extensive network offers great after sales and spare parts services.

Toyota Kenya has begun local assembly in Mombasa. Therefore, prices for the car are expected to go down. presumably, this will make the Hilux more affordable as time goes by.

Isuzu DMAXIsuzu Dmax- Best Selling Car

This car has dominated our roads for decades. It is popularly known as the workhorse that never gives up. Assembled by Isuzu East Africa, the DMAX boasts one of the most reliable engines. This is in addition to its drivetrains and tough body structure. These features enable it to handle well over 1200 Kilograms. Available in 4×2 and 4×4 variations, the DMAX has many derivatives that make it one of the most sort after pick in the Market.

Mitsubishi FH/FIMitsubishi F1/FH Best selling Cars

The FH has been a best seller with its order books full. This requires potential buyers to order in advance for the car. The Chassis flexibility and given that it requires minimal modifications makes it an all-time favourite. Sadly the FH production has ended. The introduction of the FI model seeks to enhance all the positives of the outgoing model. They intend to add efficiency plus safety to the car.

Ford RangerFord Ranger Best Selling Cars

The Ranger boasts the best design cues, powerful engines and safe cabins. These features make it very desirable. The level of technology in the Ranger can only be found in premium cars. Features like the Ford SYNC system allows you to control certain aspects of the car using voice recognition. Additionally, other cutting edge technologies such as lane detection warning, cross-traffic alert among others come standard in the Ford Ranger. Currently, Ford has introduced the toughest variant, the Raptor. The Raptor has very impressive off-road capabilities.

Mercedes ActrosMercedes Actros Best Selling Car

Sold and serviced by DT Dobie, the Mercedes Actros truck commands over 50% of the heavy commercial vehicles segment. Its reliability, fuel efficiency and great handling make it a popular pick in Kenya. DT Dobie has also begun the local assembly of Actros at KVM Thika. Hopefully, its prices will be lower as time goes by.

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