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10 Things to Love About BMW Cars

The BMW has consistently ranked tops in many features that car lovers look out for when buying a car. The brand has repeatedly delivered quality vehicles, exceptional driving experience, luxury and performance.

For BWM car, there is always a fun-to-drive option available for every price point. Here are 10 things to love about BMW cars regardless of whether you are buying a foreign used BMW car, a locally used model or a new BMW vehicle.

1. Confidence

One sure thing you get from riding the BMW is confidence. The BMW is one car that has a certain fragrance of confidence and distinction hovering around it.

Driving a BMW makes you feel like you have conquered the world. Since its humble beginnings in 1916 as a German aircraft engine manufacturer, the BMW has evolved to the point of churning out some of the most competitive luxury cars in the automobile market.

The Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper are some of the high-end products that give status symbols to customers.

2. Environmentally Friendly

We have heard a lot about preserving the planet for future generations. Well, BMW isn’t just creating posters about saving the planet; it is making cars that will preserve the planet so that future generations can also enjoy the awesome goodness of the BMW.

The BMW i3 is a hybrid electric/gas vehicle and Yahoo Autos named it their 2015 Green Car of the Year.

3. Culture

For most people, owning a car is not really about getting from point A to B. It is about the culture of the brand; its heritage and pride. It is like owning Apple phones and the exclusivity and class that you get.

BMW has an enviable brand culture. It is connected to the arts in many ways: photography, and the relationship between arts and architecture.

4. Performance

No matter how much you handle it, the BMW never says no. Even the worst drive home feels better than a good day at work. If what you are looking for is performance, then try the BMW Alpina. It’s a dark horse in the BMW line of offerings but a real powerhouse.

The Alpina is known as a special auto manufacturer engaged in mainly the retooling of BMWs while emphasising horsepower and torque. But it comes with distinct features like 20-spoke alloy wheels, sumptuous interiors and high performance.

If you would rather remain on the road most travelled by, then try any BMW and you will get just the kind of acceleration you want.

5. Curb Appeal

A BMW car brings with it an indescribable curb appeal wherever it is parked. Most models of the brand have the tendency to make people stop and stare with a kind of inexpressible covetousness.

While BMW cars are highly functional, they have an underlying aesthetic purpose they serve when parked in the driveway.

6. Cost

Compared to most of the cars in its league, like the Mercedes-Benz or Lexus, the BMW is an affordable brand considering what it offers. Getting most of the models in its product line doesn’t translate to sacrificing a lot. Moreover, you will be enjoying a fast, elegant and stately ride for each naira you spend on getting a BMW.

7. Innovation

The first BMW M2 features the renowned BMW M performance complimented by a sleek interior and exterior design. This was an attempt by the brand to create an everyday car with the power of performing the extraordinary. This is one way BMW continues to push the boundaries of what is possible through innovation.

8. Luxury

In 1975, when Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG opened its first dealership in the US, nobody knew them. Over 40 years later, BMW is the country’s top seller of luxury automobiles.

Choosing a luxury vehicle is mostly a statement of your personal style and taste. The BMW luxury cars are defined by superior styling, inside and out, and they are ahead of other manufacturers in this game.

BMW makes the most attractive vehicles on the road, with refined exterior styling that features sleek lines, eye-catching front ends and smooth paint jobs.

9. Safety

BMW is high on performance but is also rated highly on safety and quality, giving drivers more reasons to choose it over other vehicles. It is believed that once you own a BMW, you will never want to own another brand of the vehicle again.

10. No One Turns Down a BMW Ride

BMW cars deliver the ultimate driving experience. While driving some other cars may look like a chore, the BMW is different. This experience cuts across models.

The BMW also makes driving exciting and interesting and no one says no to this kind of driving experience.

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