Top 10 questions to ask when buying a car

Top 10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Car

You have cut off all the luxuries in life to save up as much as you can to buy a car. Congratulations on having the discipline to save. However, before you start car shopping, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Is there a car that fits my needs?

Is there a car that fits my needs?

When shopping for a car, do not be too invested in the brand as compared to the practicality of the car. You need to think about the functions that your car will carry out as opposed to how good you look cruising around it.

To help you figure out the type of car you need, ask yourself these questions:
Will you need the car for long-distance travels?
Do you have a family? If so how many members?
Is the car your buying the main car or your secondary car?
Having answers to these questions will give you an easy time when explaining to a salesperson what exactly you want. In turn, they will get you a car that fits your needs.

2. Is the car an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel drive?

Is the car an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel drive?

Living in Kenya, you already know how bad the road conditions are. It is, therefore, necessary to know if the car you are buying has four-wheel-drive capabilities. When buying a car, you should ask the seller the drivetrain capabilities of the car even though nowadays most cars are four-wheel drive.

3. Is there a warranty and how long does it last?

Is there a warranty and how long does it last?

You need to know if the car you are buying comes with a warranty and how long it will last. The warranty shows you how much faith the manufacturers have in their product. A warranty that is too long(7-10years) may mean that there are underlying problems in the car. A good warranty lasts up to about 36000miles which is about 3-4 years.

4. What does the warranty cover?

Car warranties differ from car to car and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Basic warranties cover the makeup of the car which are the parts that are made in the factories.
On the other hand, the powertrain warranties cover everything the automaker manufactures. This includes the powertrain, the air conditioning, electrical system, and even the radio. It’s important to know exactly what the car warranty covers before you buy it to avoid surprises when something is damaged in your car.

5. Which repairs do I need to carry out?

Which repairs do I need to carry out?

When buying a new car, conduct extensive research on the common repairs that your car needs. Once you have a general overview, talk to a specialist to help you figure out how much it will cost you to either carry out the major or minor repairs annually. It is also good to know the frequency of carrying out these repairs.

6. Do you have other fees?

Be very wary of additional charges that may be imposed on you when buying a new car. These could include additional car accessories that or even brokers fee. Ask beforehand if there are additional fees that will be included and prepare yourself accordingly. Do your research and visit several dealerships to avoid getting ripped off.

7. How much fuel does the car consume per kilometre?

How much fuel does the car consume per kilometre?

Knowing how much fuel the car consumes per kilometre will help you budget for fuel in advance. Additionally, it may help you in making the decision of which car to buy.

In the event you want to save money, you have to steer clear off SUV and other fuel guzzlers. This because such cars tend to consume a lot of fuel per kilometre which tends to make them more expensive to buy and maintain.

8. What extra add ons does the car come with?

The add ons that come with a car also determine the price of the car. Do you need a wheelchair-friendly car? Do you want a convertible car? Does the car come with a sunroof? Knowing all these will help you when negotiating for a new car. It is important to ask about these extra accessories when buying a car.

9. What is your car holding policy?

A car is not a shoe. It’s a very big investment and the decision to buy a car takes careful consideration. Therefore, you need to ask the salesperson what their car holding policies are. How long will they hold the car while you consider the options? Will you be required to pay for this? If yes, how much? Not asking will lead you into panicking and making a rash decision that you may eventually regret.

10. Do you do deliveries?

Do you do deliveries?

If you are importing a car, buying the car online or even buying it from some remote dealership somewhere in Lokichogio, you will need to know if they do doorstep deliveries. If they don’t, you need to make arrangements to go and pick your car or organise for third party delivery.


You are now ready to ask the right questions when buying a car. However, it is important to prepare these questions in advance to avoid fumbling and getting confused. Where you choose to buy a car be it from a car dealership or online is up to you. However, the fact remains that you are buying a car and have to be well prepared. We hope we were able to assist you.

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