Car Insurance Cover: Free vs Additional Benefits

A major challenge that most car owners have is understanding the different benefits of their motor cover. Depending on the type of motor insurance one has, knowing the type of cover to get will help you understand the free benefits that come with the cover at a given limit and the additional benefits you will pay for at an extra cost.
Here is what to expect depending on the cover you get:


1.Free benefits

Depending on the type of motor insurance cover one has, there are free benefits that come with the policy but are set at a certain limit.

A comprehensive motor policy comes with free benefits. For instance, if you have a private motor comprehensive cover, the free benefits include:

  • Towing cover

towing cover

If your car is involved in an accident, the first thing to know is if your insurance caters for towing expenses. If your motor cover does have this inbuilt benefit, it helps you tow the vehicle to the garage by meeting the towing charges up to a limit.

For a CIC insurance cover, the towing cover limit is Kshs 30,000.


  • Emergency medical expense


emergency medical cover

For any car accidents, your car insurance has an emergency medical expense cover.
Your motor insurance cover caters for any injuries incurred in an accident.

If you have a CIC comprehensive motor insurance cover, this benefit comes with a limit of Kshs 30,000.

  • Windscreen cover


windscreen cover in case of an accident or incident

A windscreen cover is a special benefit that protects you against the costs of replacing your windscreen in the event of an accident. The cover is an inbuilt free benefit that links to your comprehensive car insurance cover.

This cover has a limit meaning the insurance will pay for windscreen damages up to a set limit. It is important to note that, for a high-valued windscreen the insurer can upgrade the cover at an additional cost.

  • Stereo/entertainment unit


In case of any theft or damage to your car stereo, your comprehensive motor insurance can cover fixing or replacement of the entertainment unit up to a certain limit. In the case of a high-value stereo, you need to inform your insurer of the extra charges.

2. Additional Benefits


Additional benefits are those benefits that are not part of the cover but can be purchased at an extra cost. Such benefits include:

  • Political violence and terrorism


Accidents during political violence or terrorism

This cover protects your vehicle in case of damage caused by political violence or a terrorist act. In case your vehicle gets damaged from one of these acts, this cover gives you the benefit of not incurring any financial burden to fix your vehicle.

The cost of this cover is calculated by your insurer as different insurance companies have different costs.

  • Excess waiver


Excess waiver is a benefit that ensures you do not incur costs in the event of an accident. The main aim of this benefit is to reduce or remove the additional amount you pay when you lodge a claim.

The excess waiver is important as it ensures you have financial security in case your vehicle gets into an accident.

  • Courtesy car


If your vehicle gets into an accident, your insurance company can provide you with a courtesy car at an additional cost.

A CIC courtesy car benefit costs Kshs 6,000. For vehicle repairs, the cover ensures you have a vehicle for ten days.


It is important to have knowledge and understanding of the benefits a car insurance cover offers. This helps one manage any challenge that may arise especially during the claim process.

Before purchase, speak to your insurer to understand the benefits package your choice of motor insurance cover has.

This article was written by CIC Insurance Group

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