Has My Car’s Mileage Been Tampered With?

As a customer, you want to ensure you get value for your money when purchasing a car. Car mileage refers to the distance the car has traveled from manufacturing date. Mileage tampering is the act of altering or manipulating the recorded mileage of a vehicle. 

This practice has significant implications for both buyers and sellers, as it distorts the true value, condition, and history of a vehicle. To the buyer, the car may cause huge cost implications due to unpredictable wear and tear. Due to its unreliability or unscheduled repairs. To the seller, it leaves a bad reputation and people may not want to purchase from your yard in the future. 

We have highlighted a few things that can be useful to you as a buyer. 

Examine the Odometer 

The best way to check for mileage validity is by inspecting the odometer. It’s one of the best, proven methods to save yourself time in going for other ways to verify its genuineness. It is important to note that if you are interested in purchasing a vehicle approximately five years old, the odometer reading should realistically be more than 50,000 km. For newly imported units, the VIN number can be checked online via the NTSA website. 

By examining the odometer and not finding the range within the estimated figure, you would know that there is a high risk of the mileage being invalid.

Check The Car’s History Service Report 

These reports compile data from various sources, including title transfers, insurance claims, and maintenance records. Look for any mileage inconsistencies or discrepancies between reported services and the current reading. 

Besides giving clues for odometer rollback, it also provides helpful insight into the car’s actual condition. In Kenya, you can view the vehicle’s history report on a free government portal known as a Tims account.

Have It Checked By A Professional Mechanic 

To stay on the safe side, before purchasing any car, ensure it’s checked by a professional mechanic. They can examine the engine, suspension components, and wear patterns on various parts to determine if the mileage corresponds to the overall condition of the vehicle. 

A skilled technician can also identify signs of tampering on the car’s odometer using tools that you may not have enough expertise to use yourself. 

Stay Alert and Do Your Research 

Trust your instincts. Be cautious of suspiciously low mileage. Buyers should exercise caution if the mileage on their vehicle seems exceptionally low compared to similar models of the same age. 

While low mileage is not always an indicator of tampering, it should prompt you as a buyer to conduct thorough due diligence and provide valid reasons for why the mileage is way lower than it should be.


Verifying the accuracy of a car’s mileage is essential to protect your investment and help you make an informed decision. Remember to stay vigilant and conduct thorough research to ensure the integrity of the mileage information. Taking these precautions will help safeguard your investment and provide peace of mind when purchasing a car.

On the Autochek platform, all the cars are pre-inspected and you receive a compiled report before making any purchase. The report is compiled on the vehicle’s condition both interior and exterior and is done by renown garages in Kenya.

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