op 5 Tips On Selling Your Used Car Online

Top 5 Tips On Selling Your Used Car Online

Selling of your car is an emotive process. You may have to let go of your car due to factors such as age, financial constraints, technical issues and upgrades. Before you sell your vehicle, you have to ensure that it is in mint shape. Selling it while in good condition can fetch a good price and serve the next customer well.


We have highlighted some car selling tips that can help you get a good price.

1. Do a mechanical check-upConduct a body and mechanical check before selling your car

Before selling your car, visit your mechanic and have all the major and minor repairs sorted out. During the car sale, inform the new owner on all issues that the car may still have. This will help the buyer make an informed decision while buying it.


2. Work on the interior and exterior detailing

Touch up the paint work before you sell your car

Give the car a fresh coat of paint to cover up the areas that have dents or chipped paint.  Sometimes just a good buff will restore its original colour. Replace the faded headlamps, body trim parts like the scuff plate and wheel arches.


Clean up the interior. Remove the seats, carpet and roof lining and give the car a good scrub. Replace anything that looks too worn out. Spray some upholstery finisher on the dashboard and door panels to give the car a pristine look.

3. Conduct market researchConduct market research before selling your car

Before selling your car, find out the average selling price of the model by visiting various car yards and online car marketplaces. You can also use the Cheki True Price tool to help put a good price on your car. Having the knowledge of car prices, and how the car market is, will make your work easy when you decide to sell your car.

4. Asses Value of The CarAsses the value of the car before you sell it

Once you have done your market research, visit a certified assessor such as AA Kenya to determine the real value of the vehicle. Valuation of a car is done at a small fee. The real value of the car is used to determine it’s insured risk. Keep this report safely as you will use it as a bargaining tool when selling the car. It will also help the new buyer get proper insurance cover for the car.

5. Transfer DocumentsWork on the document transfer before selling your car

It is important to have all the ownership documents of the car you want to sell before you meet potential buyers. Confirm that all the asset finance documents are up to date. If you are not the first owner of the car, visit the NTSA TIMS website and verify the status of ownership before selling it.


When you have a sit down with the buyer, have a well-prepared sale agreement with you. Contact a lawyer to help you prepare one and have the buyer co-sign the document. Have at least one neutral witness during the signing process. This will protect you and the buyer in case there is a problem with the document. You will also need to visit the NTSA TIMS website and complete the transfer process.


Do not underestimate the importance of taking care of your car and ensuring that it is in the best condition. One day you may want to sell it and it is important that car buyers are satisfied with the condition of the car. Otherwise, you are bound to make a loss during the sale.

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