10 Car Theft Prevention Tips

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Many of us do not think about the possibility of our cars getting stolen until it is too late and this precisely what car thieves capitalise on to carry out car theft.

In most cases, it boils down to seemingly innocent mistakes and costly negligence of common cautionary measures you should have taken.

Car theft often comes across as a dangerous game between the car thief and the car owner. To keep your car off-limits, here are some few car theft prevention tips that will go a long way in protecting your car.

Lock Your Doors

This may seem too obvious a tip, but many car thefts have taken place all because of an open door. Closing your door is the first step to deterring thieves. Therefore, develop the habit of triple checking if your door is actually locked.

Avoid Leaving Your Keys in the Car

The sight of your keys at the ignition is a delicious invitation to car thieves. What separates the keys from the thief is the window. The moment he breaks your window, he drives off with your car. In the same vein, do not leave your car running when trying to run a short errand in a store. A running car is an easy target for a car thief.

Don’t Leave Your Extra/Spare Keys in the Car

Yes, we know of the many times you misplaced your keys and the spare keys was the turning point that saved the day. But do not leave your spare keys in the car. The idea of leaving the spare key under the car or in the glove box is just a straightforward call to car thieves to act. Just like you, these thieves know where to ransack for the spare keys.

Close the Windows

An open window gives a car thief a window of opportunity to drive off with your car. All he has to do is to reach into the car through the open window to unlock the door. Always check that your windows are closed to avoid becoming a victim of car theft.

Don’t Park in Poorly Lit Areas

The danger of parking in dark areas is that there is no deterrent effect when a car thief wants to gain access to your car. It becomes an easy ride for him/her. However, a well-lit area will serve as a deterrent to a car thief trying to fondle for the locks or ways to sabotage your car for easy access. Park your car in well-lit areas and the more human and vehicular traffic the area has, the better for the safety of your car.

Install an Audible Alarm System and Anti-Theft Device

Many car thieves are aided in their theft by the assurance that they can get away with your car without any noise or attention. However, a car alarm throws a clog in the wheels of this assurance.

An audible alarm system is set to give out a loud noise if someone tries to gain unauthorised access to your car. The unwanted noise throws the thief off balance with the potential attention it creates.

On the other hand, visible anti-theft devices such as steering wheel lock, window etching or an alarm system flashing light are powerful deterrent measures against a car thief.

Install a Vehicle Immobilizer System

It is possible for car thieves to bypass your ignition through a process called “hotwiring”. Luckily, you can forestall this by using a vehicle immobilizer system. This may consist of smart keys, kill switches and wireless ignition authentication. These devices are designed to totally disable the vehicle so that the time cannot move with it.

Install a Tracking System

This tip is not exactly for prevention. It’s for recovery. A tracking system helps emit a signal that could be used to monitor your car by the police after it has been stolen. This is essential for all vehicles as it also helps to botch the plans of car thieves. Many cars have been recovered through the use of the car tracking system, which tells you the location of your car.

Don’t Leave Valuables in the Car

One way of attracting thieves is by leaving valuables visible in the car. Cash, wallet, phones and expensive gadgets are items that call the attention of car thieves to your car. Put valuables away from sight. Also, use your trunk for storing valuables. When you do this, ensure it’s not on arrival at the parking lot. Car thieves are known for monitoring people who move valuables from cars to trunks at parking lots. Such thieves would then come back to vandalise the trunk to steal the valuables.

Always Be Cautious

Before parking your car anywhere, you need to be vigilant of the surrounding. Don’t leave your car unattended without surveying and analysing the safety of the perimeter. If you see someone loitering around, maybe it’s a good sign to look for someone else to park.

Final Thoughts on Car Theft Prevention

Owning or buying a car does not mean you should take things for granted. Sometimes, car thieves are not just interested in the valuables inside your car. Some of them actually plan to steal your car and then use the car as an escape vehicle from a crime scene or even take it apart and sell it off in parts.

You can take the protection of your car a step further by insuring your vehicle. A comprehensive insurance policy covers all risks related to owning and driving your vehicle. The coverage also includes legal liability for death, bodily injury or damage to the property of third parties arising from the use of the insured vehicle.


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