4 Crucial Things You Need to Know About Car Waxing


A lot of people dismiss car waxing as an act of vanity. Perhaps, it is important to state from the outset that this is clearly not true. Car waxing is for protection and not for vanity. Waxing is like putting a barrier between the clear coat of your car and the various harmful agents in the air, Ultra Violet rays and water.

Harmful water? This may come as a surprise to you but certain kinds of water can be harmful to your car if it is not waxed. Rainwater and splashes of water from the road can be full of pollutants, which can conveniently find their way onto the paint. However, waxing can be a defence against these pollutants and prevent them from distorting the coat of your car.

Waxing gives your car a nice shiny finish. It fills the gaps in the clear coat of your car caused by scratches and other imperfections. It protects the colour of your car and gives you a new surface where there was formerly a blemish. Below are four crucial things you need to know about car waxing:

1.Wash Your Vehicle Before Waxing

To get the best results from waxing, certain standard procedures must be followed. First, you have to wash your car with clean water and a mild soap. After washing, you need to give the car time to dry properly before applying wax because wax does not work effectively on dirty and damp surfaces.

2.Apply Polish

This applies to worn-out cars as a result of scratches and dull paint. Cars with this issue will require the application of polish before waxing. Polish acts as abrasives and helps to remove clear coat. To apply polish, use a microfiber cloth to gently rub the polish on the car’s surface. Use another microfiber cloth to remove same when it is time.

3.Make Use of the Right Car Wax

Genuine carnauba wax is the most ideal car wax. Other types of wax could be more aggressive and could demand that you skip polishing. Please ensure that you find the right area to wax your car. By this, we mean temperature because the preferred temperature for waxing a car is 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Applying the Wax

Gently apply the car wax in circular motions. However, you need to focus on one small area at a time. Also, do not forget to follow manufacturer’s instructions recommending duration. When it is time to remove the wax, ensure you use a microfiber cloth to wipe the wax off in circular motions.

It is important you wax your car at least twice a year and a maximum of four times annually. You should also have it at the back of your mind that waxing reduces repair costs by preventing discolouration. Waxing also helps you save money on repairs since the paint is safeguarded from bird droppings, salty air, rain, abrasion, and UV light.

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