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Cheki True Price: Pay The Right Price for The Right Car

Are you a car buyer who is keen on getting value for your money? If yes, then Cheki True Price is something you would want to know about.

Cheki True Price is a tool on that is designed to provide car shoppers like you with accurate information on the prices of cars in Nigeria.

Knowing the actual price range of a car empowers you to negotiate with car sellers from an informed position. What does this do? This ensures that you never have to overpay for the car you want.

True Price shows the price range that a car falls within. It then goes on to compare this price range with the price that a car seller is asking.

This transparent pricing helps you to negotiate better with car sellers as well as ensuring that you make the best car-buying decisions.

How to Use True Price

True Price is available on and is very easy to access and use. Simply take the following steps:

1. Visit the Cheki Website

Visit and search for your preferred car. Enter the car make, model, year of manufacture, condition (new, Nigerian used, or foreign used) etc. then click “Search Now.”

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2. Click the Cheki True Price Button

On the search results page, click the True Price “meter” button next to any car of your choice.

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3. View the True Price

You can now view the True Price bar that shows the current price range of the car. It also shows you where the price that the car seller is asking for falls within this range.

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Important to Note:

Please bear in mind that these price ranges are indicative because they are based on averaged market price data.

A car’s price is usually determined by its quality or functionality. So, it is essential that you contact the seller and inspect the car to find out if the asking price is fair.

Click the banner below to use the True Price tool

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About True Price

Cheki True Price is a tool that essentially helps car buyers make better buying decisions. This is because as a car buyer, it gives you solid data that you can use to negotiate better with car sellers.

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