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Cheki Launches The Winning Dealer Reward Campaign

Cheki Kenya launched the Cheki Winning Dealer Reward Campaign with the aims of rewarding car dealers who actively list their cars on the Cheki website. It is a way of acknowledging car dealers because without their quality listings Cheki would not be the trusted go-to Cars Classifieds.  

The criteria below is what will be used to determine whether or not a dealer will qualify.

The car dealer must:

  • Be self-servicing
  • Have at least 8 clear photos for each listing
  • Have listings with a clear and complete description of the car
  • Have all monthly payments up to date
  • Have been actively online on Cheki for the past 3 months
  • Have a single listing per car on the site (no duplicate listings)

As a winning car dealer you get to enjoy these 5 sweet rewards:

  1. 1 banner on our weekly newsletter valued at Ksh 11,600

     You will get viewership and leads from over 26,000 subscribers in a week.

  1.  A ‘Winning Dealer’ Badge on your listings for one month valued at Ksh 5,000

     This will help you attain the trust and recognition of over 185,000 car buyers

  1.  2 ‘Top of the List’ prominence products

     Your adverts will be more prominent on the site thus more viewership and leads.

  1. Mentions on our Social Media channels for 1 week valued at Ksh 2,000

    With this, you will get access to a reach of over 100,000 users in a week.

  1. Cheki Winning Dealer Certificate 

You will get certified as a trusted, verified Cheki dealer.

If you fit the above criteria then you are highly likely to receive the reward. The announcement and rewarding of the Winning Dealer will be monthly based and there will only be 1 winner.

Find out more about the Winning Dealer Reward Campaign and get to the chance to become a Cheki Winning Dealer.

May the Best Dealer Win.


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