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The Most Sleek Cars on Kenyan Roads

For the longest time, expensive cars have been associated with Arab Emiratis or rappers and movie stars. The truth is, we all wish to own cars and if your moti is sleek, it definitely spices things up. Well, as you dream up your dream car, some Kenyans right here are cruising around in some of the sleekest cars to be driven on our roads.

BMW i8


This is perhaps the latest addition to the luxury cars on our roads. Owned by the CEO of Mo Sound Events, the i8 is a sleek ride that sits comfortably on the tarmac and owns the space it occupies. It is low yet masculine, with such a strong visual appeal that you can’t miss it even if the only thing you care about a car is it’s ability to move you from point A to B.

It doesn’t come cheap either. This car costs an estimated 14.2m to own and judging from the specs to its commanding presence, this car is definitely worth every penny.

If you like comfort, style and grandeur packed in one, you might just want to be the next owner of the BMW i8 on Kenyan roads.

Lamborghini Murcielago

There is a green Lamborghini on Kenyan roads and it has been stopping traffic, literally, since it made its first appearance here. This car is low and calm yet it has the demeanour of a bad beast taking a nap.

This lavish car has intimidating headlights and a bold front, which makes it the ideal car if you want to floss gently-if that is really a thing. To acquire this ride, it is estimated that the owner was set back 20M, which is totally worth it based on the power you get out of this car and not to mention, the ego boost when sitting in traffic and having everyone else staring at you.

Rolls Royce Dawn

Perhaps you associate this car with Rick Ross and rightfully so. He has it in almost all his music videos and it is a car that does not come cheap. Well, it turns out that there are Kenyans who can actually afford these high end cars which are associated with opulence and artistic engineering.

This car goes for upwards of 30M and is rumoured to be owned by a city politician. It is a sleek car that stands for luxury and its presence on the road is imposing yet very inviting to the eye.

Jaguar XJ

Owned by Jaguar (How cute is this!) this beast lives up to its wild friend’s reputation by being a beast on the urban jungle. It’s long bonnet further adds to its aesthetic appeal and makes it intimidating to anyone who tries to bully its owner.

To acquire this car, one needs to have at least 7.5M in the bank. For all it’s worth, this car is good for the ego, good for a leisurely drive and good for a powerful drive on any road.

Mercedes G-Class Wagon

A man like Jeff Koinange needs a car that can comfortably accommodate his boisterous voice and he has gone ahead and acquired just that. The G wagon has the physique of a machine that is ready to take on any challenge and remain unscathed yet classy. This smoking hot machine has a rugged, shiny body which earns its owner coveting eyes in traffic because you just can’t help but notice it.

In case you were wondering, this car costs an estimated price of 12M, meaning that it is for those who have worked hard and earned their position on our roads. It’s throaty engine, masculine body and fine cruising capabilities are definitely something to be envious about.

Aston Martin DB9

As far as high end cars go, this sleek car sits comfortably at the top of the list of pricey yet cool cars. This machine has smooth curves which make it appear gentle yet strong. Its headlights are strategically placed at the end of its long bonnet to give it the appearance of a wild animal that is rearing to go.

To own this car, you will need to be ready to part with anything between 20 and 30M, meaning that this is not for the hustlers among us. This sporty car is definitely something to dream about and the fact that it is on our roads shows that it is attainable, if you can afford it, of course.

Mercedes Maybach

Another one of Rick Ross’s personal favourites, the Maybach is for those who have worked hard and earned a spot on the list of owners of the most sleek cars on Kenyan roads. Owned by Chris Kirubi in Kenya, the Maybach is a head turner with its sexy curves and its strong physique and fine engineering, just how the Germans make them.

It costs an average of 19M to own this car in Kenya, a clear demonstration that it is for those with deep pockets. This car sits snuggly on the road with an unassuming presence, which makes it hard to ignore because there is something attractive about raw power that seems harmless at the same time.

Ferrari 612 Sessanta

Hands up if you envy Dubai police officers since they drive Ferraris. I see we are many but while you are envying them, there is a Kenyan who spins a Ferrari right here on out rugged roads. This beast has one of the most artistic bodies around with smooth curves and a commanding presence.

If you want to drive the same car as Dubai police officers, then you have to be ready to part with an estimated 42M to have this car in Kenya.

Rolls Royce Phantom

It turns out that there are 2 different types of Rolls Royces in Kenya, which goes to show that money is not a problem for some Kenyans. This particular model is not only sleek, but it is also convertible, how about that for a super cool ride! The owner is definitely someone who loves the great weather in Nairobi and wants to take it all in as he/she runs his/her errands in this great city.

For all the comforts and ego boost that this car accords the owner, it costs about 42M and it is totally worth it since, for starters, not even the most notorious driver will want to bully such a car in traffic.

The next time you are bored in traffic, don’t just sit there and stare at overlappers, keep yourself entertained by looking out for any of these cars. Which is the sleekest car you have spotted lately?


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