CVT maintenance

Improve Fuel Efficiency: Install A CVT In Your Car

If you have imported a vehicle post-2005, chances are it has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system. It is important to maintain your CVT properly to help improve fuel efficiency and sharper linear response.

These transmissions do not have gears. They use a belt and pulley system instead. The pulleys will get wider and skinnier depending on the level of power produced and sent to the wheels.

How To Detect Issues With CVT Gearboxes

Below are some of the tell-tale signs that your CVT gearbox requires servicing and care. If left unchecked, it can cause catastrophic failure and leave you stranded with high repair bills.

Dirty Or Low FluidMaintaining CVT- Avoid Low Fluids

If your transmission fluid is dirty or low then it cannot lubricate properly. It also means you have used your fluid longer than the intended period.

Use Of Non-CVT Transmission FluidMaintain your CVT

If you notice jerking during gear shifts, it may have been caused by using the wrong type of transmission fluid with different viscosity during servicing. This eventually damages your transmission.

OverheatingMaintain CVT

You will experience overheating if your fluid is old and cannot cool your transmission properly. Additionally, when your coolers are clogged, the fluid won’t flow properly to be able to cool your transmission.

Damage To The ComponentsMaintain your CVT

Your CVT transmission depends on belts, pulley and bearings to work. If any of these get damaged your transmission won’t function.


CVT transmissions are designed to run at optimal performance levels all of the time. If you notice that your car has a delayed reaction time or is struggling to perform, your belts may be slipping.

This can happen when the components become worn out. When they wear out, extra space is introduced to the system. This space causes the pulleys and belt to slip due to lack of proper tension.

CVT Maintenance

Maintaining your CVT transmission properly will allow you to enjoy your vehicle without mishaps on a regular basis. Your local transmission service or dealer can tell you when you should have CVT transmission service. However, always keep an eye out for any signs of a possible problem.

To enhance the life of the CVT gearbox, you have to do regular service. Fluid change recommended for Kenya is about 30,000 kilometres or after 1 and a half years.


Always purchase the correct CVT fluid designed for your car together with the genuine gearbox filter. You may ask your mechanic to reset the gearbox computer incase it displays error codes, for a smoother shift.

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