This article should show Nigerians the documents every car owner should have

Necessary Documents You Need To Own A Car In Nigeria

There are certain documents that every car owner must have. These documents are important documents to ensure that a car has been duly registered, belongs to the owner and is not a stolen car. Ideally, every car should go through the due registration process to have certain documents that authenticate ownership of a car.

No one has to wait to be stopped or questioned by official personnel before getting these documents.

We will be sharing some of the necessary documents that the Federal Road Safety Commission; FRSC, Motor Vehicle Administration Agency, Traffic Management Authority; varies per state such as LASTMA for Lagos state, DESTMA for Delta state, and Vehicle Inspection Officers; VIO and even the Police look out for. When you own a car, ensure you always have these documents in your car.

1. Customs Document: The first document that should be in your possession when you own a car is the custom document fully stamped. Ensure everything in the document corresponds to the name and model of the car, VIN, and make sure all payments were made. Make sure it is a clear document and not a faded document. Especially if you have a foreign used car, make sure you have a customs document.

2. Driver’s License: This document is the most obvious personal document you should have when you own a car. Most times when you are stopped by officials, it is the first document you are asked for. It is your first legal document and ensures that it is not expired. If it is, do the needful.

3. Proof of Ownership/Change of Ownership: You will get this amongst other car registration documents given to you at the Vehicle Inspection Office. Be sure to have this document in your possession when you own a car. It proves that you did not steal the car and if you bought a Nigerian used car, you need a copy of the change of ownership form.

4. Certificate of Car Insurance: Your insurance certificate is also important. If you are caught without this certificate, trust that you will face the consequences. Visit to get comprehensive car insurance.

5. Certificate of Road Worthiness: You need a certificate of road worthiness to avoid being harassed by VIO and other road officials. It is the document that says your car is fit and ready to play the road for a while. It is renewed annually so make sure it is not expired and if it is, update it.

6. Vehicle License/Registration: You need the Vehicle license as it is proof of the legality status of your car in Nigeria. You will need to renew this document annually as well, so make sure it is up-to-date to avoid being embarrassed.

7. Tint Permit: Depending on the type of car you own, you may need a tint permit. If your car has a black screen you will need this document as a car owner in Nigeria.

8. Hackney Permit: This document is for commercial vehicles and should be given to you at the point of registering your vehicle.

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Are there other documents in your state you suggest drivers must have, you can share with us.

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