Importance Of Warming Your Engine During The Cold Season

Importance Of Warming Your Engine During The Cold Season

These days, it’s no longer necessary to wait for your engine to warm. New cars only require running for a few seconds to get full oil pressure throughout the engine. Therefore, you can go ahead and just drive off when you need to. 

Newer cars work this way because they use electronic fuel injection systems. They are designed to provide a perfectly combustible mixture and normal throttle at all temperatures all the time. 

However, it is considered important to warm up your car for some time before driving during the cold spells.

Being the cold season in Kenya, here are some of the reasons why you need to warm up your car engine before embarking on any journey.

Get The Fluids Running

Get The Fluids Running

The engine oil tends to settle at the bottom of the oil sump. It will take a while before it can properly circulate again. 

The cold temperature makes the oil coagulate, which is why it needs some time to liquefy. The oil is what reduces the metal friction in the engine and that is why it is important for you to make sure that it is in the right liquid form.

Heat Management

Engine Heat Management

Due to the contraction and heating of metal parts in the engine, it is imperative for the engine to operate at an optimum temperature.

This means that it is important for your engine to be at the correct operating temperature so that all the bits and pieces will be in the right size to avoid friction.

Effects Of Warming Up Your Engine

Once engines get the optimum thermal efficiency, its efficiency improves as less fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. 

As the temperature increases, the moving parts also expands gradually. The key elements which help in temperature control include the radiator and a thermostat.

One thing that most drivers do is to remove the thermostat. That is a big mistake. This is because when it gets cooler, the radiator system will overcool the vehicle, reducing its efficiency levels and then cause engine degradation.


The above tips are important as they will help save on money which could have been used to replace worn out engine parts. Similarly, it will ensure that your car runs smoothly and quietly without any rattling sounds.

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