Allianz CARdiology - Free Car Maintenance Check

CARdiologist: Free Car Maintenance Check for Cars in Lagos

Do you find it hard to tell if there is something wrong with your car? Maybe you ignore warning signs like the check engine light or try to stretch your mileage as much as possible before an oil change.

While it is tempting to get the most value out of your car between service appointments, doing so can cost you much more in the long run.

Many car owners don’t set out to stretch their luck. They are aware that there is a problem. A flashing light on the dashboard, perhaps. They are concerned but are simply unable to interpret the warning lights.

Allianz Nigeria has launched CARdiology, a free car check initiative for Lagos car owners. This initiative is just one in a series of projects aimed at providing added value to customers and the wider community.

The checkup will include a comprehensive diagnosis of the transmission, exhaust system, brakes, throttle, fuel injector system, airflow, coolant, ignition coils as well as performance issues to provide preventive maintenance on the vehicle.

Explaining the rationale behind offering free car health checks, Mrs Adedoyin Dickson, Claims Manager at Allianz Nigeria, notes that car faults are one of the leading causes of avoidable accidents on Nigerian roads.

“By performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, you will be able to keep it in operation for longer. It is important to understand the type of maintenance your car needs. Professional mechanics and service centres can help run a diagnostic check on your car and detect hidden car troubles. Then you can ensure your car keeps running smoothly so you always get where you need to go,” Mrs Dickson concluded.

Mr Bolade Odanye, Manager for Sponsorships and Partnerships at Allianz Nigeria added that “By bearing the cost of the car health check and partnering with Lagos auto garages to provide this service completely free, we contribute our quota to a safer, more connected Lagos”.

To get your first free car maintenance check for your vehicle, Start Here.

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