Fuel Efficient Cars You Should Know

Fuel Efficient Cars
Fuel Efficient Cars

To have a fuel-efficient car is to have a car that saves you money on fuel. This way, the car would be using the least amount of fuel in proportion to the number of miles it would be travelling.

There are certain cars that are labeled as fuel efficient. We have highlighted some of them below:

1. Hyundai Elantra: This car is very fuel efficient. You get to spend less on fuel, no matter the mileage you are covering. The wheel of this car is easy to handle, this is especially particular for drivers who care about their steering. It is a five-seater car and it comes with good driver assistance features such as park assist, cruise control, automated emergency braking, and driver attention monitor amongst others.

2. Honda Civic: This car offers fun driving dynamics without sacrificing ride comfort. The acceleration on this car is quite sharp and of course, it has the best fuel economy. Most Honda Civics can seat up to five people. The seats are very, well-cushioned, and are visible from the driver’s seat. This car does not burn as much fuel and actually saves more fuel.

3. Hyundai accent: the Accent feels lively, its small body is easily tossed into corners, and it’s even rewarding when pushed. Rough roads are smoothed out adequately by the suspension, but harsh impacts will generate vibrations through the cabin. Small cars are expected to deliver good fuel-economy numbers, and Accent does just that. The new four-cylinder engine has improved fuel economy to a 36 mpg combined rating. The optional beige interior imparts a richer feeling, with two-tone tan and black seats and a similar treatment for the dash and door panels.

4. Toyota Corolla: This car is easily one of the top fuel-efficient cars in Africa. It does not consume a lot of fuel. Asides from being fuel efficient, it is simple, durable, and has an amazing resale value. Let’s talk about maintaining this car. The cost of maintenance is low, you don’t have to break an arm to keep this car running and if you ever need any of the car parts for this car, the car parts are not scarce.

5. Toyota Camry: Just like the Toyota Corolla and all other cars that have been listed here, this car is fuel efficient. It is also affordable, simple, and durable. The major difference between these two cars can be seen in the frame. The Camry is wider than the Corolla. Choosing between this and the Corolla solely depends on the user. This car model has a wider trunk space. It is extremely safe and if involved in an accident, it can take certain degrees of damage to the body and still be in fairly good shape. It is also easy to maintain and very comfortable.

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