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Car Buyers: Is It Okay to Skip the Inspection Report?

Would you carry out an inspection report before buying a car with a car loan? The truth is, buying a car can be quite a thrill. However, you need to pay attention to is the inspection report of the vehicle you are interested in buying.

In this interview with the Finance & Digital Products Manager, Autochek, Okey Udo, he talks about the critical role of the inspection report in the process of buying a car either with a car loan or when you are making an outright payment.

Do You Need to See an Inspection Report Before Buying a Car?

We know that you have the option of buying your car outside the Autochek network. However, there are specific things that you need to look out for as a car buyer. If you fail to pay attention to these things, they will come back to haunt you.

When it comes to the condition of the car, it is difficult to know the true state of a vehicle just by looking at the picture. Autochek has used technology to bridge this gap by developing a 150-point inspection report that checks core things and categorizes them into 5. These 5 things are:

  • The interior
  • The exterior
  • The AC
  • The transmission and the engine
  • The electricals

It Helps You Make Informed Decisions

As a car buyer, you are given all the information you need to make an informed decision. When it comes to the condition of the car you intend to buy, the more information you have, the better for you.

It’s important that you know what you are buying. Knowing what you are buying saves you from a lot of unnecessary headaches.

The reality is that if you buy that vehicle from any other place without knowing the true condition of the vehicle, you are taking a huge risk. It doesn’t matter whether you are making an outright payment or buying the vehicle with a car loan. If you buy such a car with a car loan, you might find yourself struggling to repay and the back might end up repossessing the vehicle. If that happens, you’ll lose on both ends because the bank would most likely sell off the vehicle.

The condition of the car is extremely important. It can determine whether you are buying a car you’ll enjoy or whether you’ll end up with a truckload of regrets.

For instance, there are people who can’t live with a car that doesn’t have a functioning AC. If we inspect a car and tell you that the AC is not working, then you know up front that the car’s AC is not working. At that point, you then decide whether this is a car that you still want to go ahead to buy or not.

Based on the inspection report, the car’s AC could be working but might not in good condition. Again, you get to decide whether you still want the car or if you would prefer another option. For this example, if you buy the car and then you begin to notice problems with the AC after some time, it wouldn’t come as a shock to you as you had already been informed about the true condition of the car’s AC.

In other words, we are not saying that we are giving you the best quality car. Rather, we are saying that at Autochek, we are giving you the truth about the state of the car. In other words, you are buying what you see as it is. No blind purchase! We want you to be aware of everything about the car.

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