Top 10 Instagram Pages Dedicated to Cars in Nigeria

Instagram pages dedicated cars Nigeria - Cheki Nigeria

Have you ever wondered which social media accounts should be considered the top 10 Instagram pages dedicated to cars in Nigeria? Before we reveal them, we should state that the social media circle in Nigeria is not all noise and waste of time.

If you are truly passionate about cars, Instagram gives you an opportunity to carve a niche for yourself within the automobile space. As you will see in the list below, there are several accounts that are dedicated to cars. These pages have followers ranging from a few thousand to well over 200,000 followers. If you are interested in a wide range of content revolving around cars and vehicles, have a look at the top 10 Instagram pages dedicated to cars in Nigeria.

Cheki Nigeria

This page clearly shows that Cheki Nigeria’s wholesome presence is not just limited to its blog. The brand also provides useful news as well as a forum for car lovers in Nigeria on social media. Posts on Cheki Nigeria’s Instagram page cover a wide range of topics; from safety tips, polls, videos, auto news, unbelievable car facts, DIY and fun car motivation tips. Cheki Nigeria puts a deliberate attempt into stirring conversation via quizzes, polls, celebrity posts, and educational content.

Followers Count: 11,000

Posts: 1,090


The Carspotterng Instagram page typically concerns itself with the supercars spotted in Nigeria. It presents the cars with a deft touch of elegance. The page also has an educational side to it as you get to learn about various supercars and their features. The page continues to gravitate towards the business side of the auto industry as seen way the posts are presented as well as the accompanying captions. If supercars are your thing, then, feel free to jump on this Instagram page.

Followers: 28,000

Posts: 1,665


Carsfromnaija has a knack for interesting conversations about supercars. The identity of the handlers of the page is just as anonymous as most car accounts on this list.

Followers: 65,000

Posts: 4,679


The Amg_naija Instagram page showcases an unadulterated love for cars and does not hold back in its celebration of high profile cars in Nigeria. There is no visible order to how these posts appear but they pay special attention to luxury cars and fun videos.

Followers: 48,000

Posts: 1,946


The Juxycarz Instagram page combines the display of appealing car images with a conversation about the features of the car. It has a dedicated part of the week where cars that are apparently similar are compared. It calls this ‘Faceoff.’

Followers: 34,000

Posts: 2,217

Instagram Pages Dedicated Cars Nigeria - Cheki Nigeria


The Carcontinent Instagram page is an account that serves as a brand influencer for cars. Yes, jobs are changing with the age of social media and some people can actually make a brand trend. But that’s not all that the account is about. They also have car discussion specialists; engineers and professional mechanics that give educated answers to car-related questions and issues.

Followers: 86,000

Posts: 3,227


The Austine_jay account is focused on driving and safety tips and many other facts about cars. The unique thing about this social media account is that it is managed by a young Nigerian whose passion shines through how he manages the page despite not having more than 2,000 followers on his page.

Followers: 2,129

Posts: 726


If your love for cars comes from the same place that the thrill of hunting comes to wild cats, then, you will find it hard not to love this page. The Millharbourautos page is 100% committed to keeping your car on the road. The description on this page begins with the word ‘workshop’ and the rest of the lines simply provide options of how the brains behind the page can be contacted with minimal stress.

Photos posted on the page are mostly cars they have had to work on as well as those that have been sold. If you’re searching for fun or funny posts, you won’t find any of that here as they keep their posts strictly about the business of repairing and detailing cars.  

Followers: 26,000

Posts: 2,541

Motoring Nigeria

The Motoring Nigeria account is known for the production of Carvolution Magazine; one of Nigeria’s most interesting car magazines. They also have a hand in RoadKill Racing Series. 

The team behind the page are the purveyors of cars and motorsports in the country and are heavily involved in the organisation of car shows. 

Followers: 41,000

Posts: 3,818


With over 183k followers, Gidicars is a page you have to follow to see what they have to offer. They have a knack for capturing rare cars in Nigeria. Cars that fit the perfect description of vintage automobiles have found a way of popping up on the page. If you end up following this page and scroll through the series of cars they have posted thus far, a part of you would probably wonder how they have been able to pull this off.

Followers: 184,000

Posts: 10,003

Final Thoughts on  Top 10 Instagram Pages Dedicated to Cars in Nigeria

Let us wrap up with a bonus page – We decided to add this page because it goes a step further to offer car maintenance/repair services for hybrid cars. Here we go…


Do you have difficulties finding a good mechanic for your hybrid car? If your answer is yes, then this is one Instagram page you’d want to take a look at. The Hybridcarsng page specialises in the sales, maintenance and repairs of hybrid vehicles across Nigeria.  

Followers: 1,550

Posts: 713

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