LED Headlamps

Advantages Of LED Headlamps Compared to Standard Lamps

Over the past 20 years, we have seen the introduction of High-Intensity Discharge lamps that use xenon gas and now with LED lights, you are using electricity to create the light through the highly efficient light-emitting diode. 

LEDs are solid-state diodes that require less energy to operate and last longer than your usual filament bulbs.

How Do LED Headlamps Work?

The science behind LED lighting is simple. The diode converts electric power into light, through one or various diodes within the headlight itself. This produces a bright light that rivals Xenon/HID lighting. It is superior to the light cast from traditional headlights. 


LED headlamps intensity

LEDs offer practical advantages to the motorist as it generates high light intensity, which is significantly stronger than standard bulbs. 


LED Headlamps Longetivity

LEDs may be an expensive aftermarket investment. However, the average lifespan for your pair of LED headlights is estimated to be 10 years of continuous driving. 

Even if you drive 50% of the time in the dark or in poor visibility conditions, that’s 20 years of use on average. It is therefore highly unlikely you will need to change your LED lights once you install them – unless, of course, you choose an alternative upgrade at a later stage. If you are looking for performance-critical headlights for your car, you really should look no further than LEDs.

Why You Should Change To LED HeadLamps

LED headlamps

With all the advantages mentioned above, it would be a wise move to purchase LED bulbs. This will help in improving your road safety and visibility during the night. Luckily, they are plenty of accessory shops that stock various designs of LED bulbs sourced from Korea, China, Germany and Turkey.

The installation process is quite easy as they are designed to fit where regular bulbs operate.

They also do not require extra wiring or harnesses to work. Not only do LEDs look nice on your car, but they also provide a slew of practical benefits that will make your motoring safer and more efficient.

Many expensive new cars are now rolling off production lines with LED headlights fitted as standard. In any other vehicle, it is possible to retrofit an LED headlights kit with minimal skill and about 30 minutes of your time, so you too can benefit from the unique qualities of LED lighting as you drive.

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