Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Road Trips in Nigeria

Long-distance road trips

There are people who hold the opinion that if you haven’t enjoyed the scenic pleasures and adventures of long-distance road trips, you have not truly experienced the world.

For such people, long-distance road trips help them fulfil their craving for experience and adventures. It could be a family getaway or a solo trip across state lines. The long-distance road trips provide the perfect opportunity for bonding and also give you a chance to affirm your collectiveness with the natural world.

Are you looking forward to or planning a road trip in the months ahead? Well, here are some pros and cons of long-distance road trips in Nigeria.

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Pros of Long-Distance Road Trips in Nigeria

Below are the some of the interesting pros of long-distance road tips in Nigeria

You Are the Boss

During long-distance road trips, you have the power to control and make decisions on many things. Some of such things include your departure time, arrival time and the number of stops you want to make in the course of the journey. You don’t get to do this when travelling by air, water or by train. These decisions get to be made by others on your behalf. Therefore, if you come across a breath-taking scenery or object, you can always pull to the side of the road within seconds and capture it.

You Don’t Eat Meals That Don’t Appeal to You

On the plane, you might be boxed into a situation where have to eat whatever you are served. Those who have experienced culinary on aeroplanes sometimes have unpleasant tales about the meals and snacks they were offered during the flight. However, on long-distance road trips, you get to try a variety of Nigerian delicacies; depending on the one your taste buds crave. You can stop at a restaurant, pack a picnic for the trip or swing through a drive-through and have a fantastic moment while on the trip.

You Get to See the Real World

A road trip opens a wide vista of natural wonders to you. You can feel the heat and coolness of actual human communities and wander off the beaten path, unlike trains where you are limited to single tracks. Cutting through the countryside gives you a first-hand experience of how the different communities live and survive – from markets, local festivals and state parks. The totality of the different communities is yours to behold.

You Determine What You Want to Pack

A long-distance road trip gives you the freedom to pack all you need into the trunk of your car. The backseat can also hold your luggage if you have no co-traveller. The issue of extra payment for extra bags do not apply to you. All the equipment you need for a lovely picnic can be fitted into the car.

You Get to Save Some Money

It costs less compared to a flight ticket. It costs even lesser if you are travelling with a group. Even when the wear and tear of the journey are factored in, you still have some money to save.

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Cons of Long-Distance Road Trips in Nigeria

Covering so many kilometres on roads surely comes with a few downsides, which we have highlighted below:

Driving Could be Time-Consuming

One of the slowest means of travelling between two points is by road and can be time-consuming; especially when compared to air travel. If you are planning to get to your destination on time, driving is not an option. You had better take a plane or catch a train.

Bad Roads

Travelling by train and air protect you from some of the awful roads you’re bound to encounter during a typical road trip in Nigeria. These roads have made long-distance travel across some cities a huge risk. 

It Could be Stressful

A long-distance road trip could be stressful; you are left to take care of route planning, prepping your car and doing all the navigation. You also spend an incredibly enormous time behind the wheel, which is a stressful situation on its own. Even when it’s time to find a place to park, it could be difficult to find one in some cities, except you are willing to part with cash.

Road Trips Could be Expensive

If you have gone on a solo long-distance road trip, you will definitely have discovered that road trips could end up being quite an expensive bargain. Fuel, toll, parking, meals, and even lodging along the way could dig a big hole in your wallet/purse.

Wear and Tear Could Steal the Fun

At the end of the day, the wear and tear that come from travelling such a long distance could cost you a lot in repairs and maintenance. You also have to pray for your car not to break down far from a spot where you can access a reliable mechanic.

Final Thoughts on Long-Distance Road Trips

Before you embark on a long-distance road trip, ensure you take your car for a thorough maintenance check. The last thing you want is getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down car. Ensure you have sufficient gas, snacks and water. If you are travelling in the company of others, ensure the find out from the person or people that you are travelling with if he/she/they have any health condition that can trigger an emergency.

You should also find out who they would prefer you contact in the case of an emergency. This would naturally require that they share a number with you. Consider having a passenger manifest (a list of all the passengers in your car as well as their details). Never take anything for granted on a long-distance road trip.

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