10 Things to Love About Toyota Cars

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Toyota cars have dominated the automobile industry for many decades and do not seem to be wavering anytime soon. Toyota has produced some of the greatest sensations the industry has ever witnessed, introducing models like the Camry and Corolla, which have made record sales worldwide.

These cars have continued to make auto-experts question the reason behind the success of the brand. We will help you with some of them here. Here are 10 things that have made people all over the world fall head-over-heels in love with Toyota cars.

1. Fuel Economy

While the price of petrol may not be as high as it used to be, still, you will be glad for any opportunity to save a few bucks.

Toyota vehicles reduce your fuel consumption and this also helps in low carbon emission. Toyota has made most of its models to follow in the line of this, producing fuel-efficient vehicles for drivers.

If you want to pay less at the pump or you are interested in reducing carbon emission into the ecosystem, consider Toyota vehicles.

2. Best Resale Value

Toyota brand is ranked tops on resale value. This is because most of the vehicles on its line-up are made to the highest quality to improve the lives of users and at an affordable price as well.

The vehicles are comfortable and reliable, with remarkable driving experience for its class. These offerings account for the impressive resale value of the brand.

3. Best Reliability

Not many vehicles come with the kind of reliability that Toyota offers. JD Powers rank Toyota vehicles tops in reliability numbers.

It is this reliability that has made it possible for repeat purchase of the brand with some families owning only Toyota vehicles in their garage, even when they can afford other brands. 

4. Simplicity

At a time when many vehicle dashboards look like the control panel of a sophisticated aircraft like the Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle, Toyota vehicles keep it simple.

This doesn’t, however, mean they are less technologically savvy; many Toyota vehicles boast of great electronic safety and entertainment features. But, they come in user-friendly ways.

A car like the Corolla has interiors that take a minimalist approach to design, keeping controls and unnecessary bells and whistles to a minimum. This makes its technology practical and easy to use.

5. Durability

A survey indicates that 80% of Toyota vehicles sold twenty years ago are still on the road. If this is true, it means when you buy a Toyota, you are not just buying a car but saving money.

Toyota gives customers quality and durable vehicles that are safe on the road.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Toyota has some of the most environmentally friendly vehicles and leads in green technology. Some of its vehicles, like Prius plug-in and Avalon hybrid, have received honourable mentions for green technology.

7. More AWD/4WD vehicles

The brand has the most AWD and 4WD vehicles on the market. Add the fun designs to this and you would know why Toyota is a top pick by those who love outdoor activities.

Its AWD and 4WD vehicles continue to garner accolades for their style, reliability and functionality from fun-seekers.

8. Top Safety Pick

Toyota has made safety its priority in its cars and trucks and this has seen it ranked highly on safety. Some may think that Toyota will compromise on safety due to its affordability. Instead, the brand continues to combine durability, reliability, affordability and safety, because safety is an important feature and something car owners are concerned about.

9. Most Innovation

With the progress of its Corolla and Camry models, one would ordinarily expect Toyota to rest on its oars. These models sold out like no other car.

However, Toyota has not relented one bit. It teased the world again with its introduction of the Prius and its inventiveness continues with every other model it puts out in the market.

Its innovations have seen the brand leading the industry for decades in fuel efficiency, economy and safety.

10. It is Toyota

Toyota is a brand that everyone should possess because of its commitment to excellence. It is glaring that the brand embodies some of the values of excellence and honour that is prevalent in Japanese culture.

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