Is The Mahindra Scorpio Revitalising The PikUp Scene?

The Mahindra Scorpio has come a long way in terms of design and refinement. This new 3rd Generation Scorpio has an aggressive look with a cool front grille. To the grille, there is a dominant Mahindra logo at the front.


The PikUp’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is 3150kg with a load capacity of 1,195kgs for SC (single cab) and 1,095kgs for DC(double cab). Its load bed measures 2,294mm x 1,520mm x 550mm offering sufficient cargo space.

For the Kenyan Market it is available in 3 variants: S6 Single cab in 2WD; S6 Single cab in 4WD (both manual transmission); and the S6 Double cab in manual transmission & S11 Double Cab in Automatic Transmission. All variants come with side steps, rear roll bar and rear sidestep as standard features, lustrous paintwork and 16-inch alloy wheels.


It has a well-finished interior with carpeted floors, soft-touch fabric roof lining, a well thought out dashboard with clear instrumentation and high tech infotainment systems. Additionally, it has high-quality plastic on the doors and dash as well as strategically placed speakers and even cupholders both for front and rear passengers.


Let us talk about the tech features that offer Bluetooth connectivity. With controls for audio and cruise, the multifunction steering wheel is adjustable for height while the driving position is upright. The car also has power mirrors, multiple USB ports as well as climate and cruise control. With all the traffic in Kenya, you will be glad to know the car comes with an auto start-stop function that helps you save on fuel.

The new Mahindra Scorpio PikUp is quite comfortable to sit in and drive. The seats are fabric covered with an adjustable armrest for the driver. The back seats are comfortable and very supportive with ISOFIX child seat mounts that make it easy to secure a child seat. All around the Head & legroom in the car is sufficient for a comfortable drive on any terrain.

Safety features

Whenever you are buying a car, one of the most important features you look for is the safety features. The Mahindra comes loaded with a lot of safety features. It has electronic stability control (ESC), anti-lock brakes (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (EBD). Aside from those, it also has three-point seat belts on all seats and a pair of airbags in the front seats.


The S6 units are all locally assembled from Complete Knocked Down (CKD) at the AVA assembly plant in Mombasa. This makes them rather affordable compared to the automatic which are imported into the country and have a 25% Duty & 35% excise tax added to their final price computation. However, Simba Corp has plans to start local assembly of the automatic Mahindra Scorpio variant that will see it become more affordable to the local wananchi.


Compared to other cars in the same category, its prices are pocket friendly as broken down below:


• 2,610,000 for SC 2WD
• 2,958,000 for SC 4WD
• 3,364,000 for DC S6 (manual)
• 4,582,000 for DC S11 (auto)


Under the bonnet, the Scorpios all come with a 2,179cc common-rail turbo diesel engine that delivers 140bhp and 320NM of torque. This car is amazing because it is very fuel-efficient. The Manual S6 variant consumes 15km/L of fuel and the Automatic S11 variant consumes 13km/L. The fuel tank capacity is 80 litres. With a full tank, you can travel it from Nairobi – Narok – Kisii – Kisumu – Kericho and back to Nairobi.


Due to its high demand, it is sold at the Simba Corp showroom in Nairobi and partnering dealerships in Narok, Kisii, Nyeri and Kisumu.


One of the main reasons people tend to buy more popular brands available in Kenya is because they fear that they may not get original spare parts in case the car breaks down.


Auto Express or Sales Service and Spares Dealers sell all high demand consumable parts such as brake pads. Therefore you do not need to worry about where to get original parts. Alternatively, you can visit Simba Corporation offices for servicing which will cost you approximately Kshs 15,000.


The car is also backed by an excellent warranty offering 5 years/ 150,00Kms. Additionally, Simba Corp offers a complete buyback guarantee for it.

Parting Shot

The Mahindra Scorpio is a multi-purpose car. You can use it as your daily ride, your weekend ride, a family car and a commercial vehicle. As a business person, you can have the car customised to suit your business needs.

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