Meet our ever-charming Leads Manager, Flora Oliseh.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget about Flora, is the fact that she’s got a big heart with a smile that never fades. Join us, as we take a tour into her world while she shares some facts about herself.


1. What are your favorite leadership books, podcasts, or resources, and why?
I do not have any favourite Leadership books, podcasts, or resources but learn, understudy, watch, listen, and emulate leaders who have been and are successful in their Leadership styles.

2. How do you approach mentoring and developing team members, and what strategies have been most effective?
My approaches to mentoring are:
i. Pairing the strong team member with the supposed weak one (Mentor and Mentee)
ii. One on One mentorship (Counsel)
iii. Peer mentoring (fostering healthy competition)

Team development:
i. Building a team that can be professionally outspoken, visible, and express themselves through effective communication
ii. Assigning tasks according to each team member’s strengths
iii. Encourage constructive feedback amongst each other
iv. Team bonding and working in unity
v. Foster collaboration and visibility with stakeholders
vi. Self-managed team members building them to be ready for the next level

3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, and from whom?
I have a few but these 2 hold dear to me and they were spoken to me by my former bosses at the start of my career and this has helped me in my journey so far :
i. To always have something driving me to success /succeed
ii. Never take NO for an answer because there is always a way out
iii. Always think outside the box…

4. One thing you’re passionate about outside of work?

5. Describe your leadership style in one word.
Eclectic Leadership style

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