Most Affordable Foreign Used Cars in Nigeria (2022)

This article should show people the affordable used cars in Nigeria

When buying affordable foreign used cars in Nigeria, there are a lot of factors to look out for. You want to ensure that it is affordable. Also, parts such as the body work, the brake, the lights, the tyres, the engine and air condition are working perfectly. If you are working on a budget, not to worry, you can also be the owner of a car.

Here are some affordable used cars in Nigeria you can consider getting:

  1. Toyota Corolla: This car is easily one of the top affordable used cars in Nigeria right now. It is simple, durable and has an amazing resale value. It has a very good resale value. This car is fuel efficient and does not consume a lot of fuel. Let’s talk about maintaining this car. The cost of maintenance is low, you don’t have to break an arm to keep this car running and if you ever need any of the car parts for this car, the car parts are not scarce.
  1. Toyota Camry: Just like the Corolla, the Camry is also affordable, simple and durable. The major difference between these two cars can be seen in the frame. The Camry is wider than the Corolla. Choosing between this and the Corolla solely depends on the user. This car model has a wider trunk space. It is extremely safe and if involved in an accident, it can take certain degrees of damage to the body and still be in fairly good shape. It is also easy to maintain and very comfortable.
  1. Honda CR-V: If you are looking for a good family car, this car is here to stay. This car is really durable and you cannot say efficiency without mentioning this car. This is another car that is fuel efficient and can easily be maintained. 
  1. Honda Accord: Just like the Honda CR-V, this car is easy to maintain. We can easily call this the Toyota Corolla version of Honda. It is extremely affordable and durable. It also has low fuel consumption and you are sure to always see this car on Nigerian roads. 
  1. Volkswagen Golf 3 & 4: This is a unique family car and it is very comfortable. The interior is designed to make you feel at home. Unlike some cars, the engine of this car is really quiet. This car is a really safe car as it comes with enough airbags in case of emergency. In terms of maintenance, this car is not easy to maintain but once maintained properly, you are sure to enjoy this car. 
  1. Toyota Sienna: This is one of the top family car picks. It is a great family car as it also has a very comfortable interior. It does not look as sleek or stylish as most cars but it is durable and very reliable. The interior of the car is really spacious and obviously gives room for more space. Being a family car, this car is a really safe car.
  1. Lexus RX 300: This brand of car is the luxury brand to Toyota cars. Toyota owns the Lexus brand and with this, you can already be sure that this car is durable and efficient. Cost of maintenance on this car is affordable. If you need a car that can comfortably navigate its way on rough roads, this is the car for you. Both the interior and exterior of this car are luxurious. With this car, you don’t have to spend millions of Naira to get a luxurious car. 
  1. Mercedes Benz C200: This car is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. In Nigeria, this brand tops the chart for luxurious cars. This car has one of the best engines with a fantastic interior. It is luxurious but this car is really affordable. 
  1. Nissan Altima: With this car, you are sure to get a reliable car and one that is also affordable in terms of maintenance. It has a good engine and an amazing speed as well. The Nissan brand is a good fuel economy brand as fuel does not burn out so fast just like the Toyota Corolla and you are sure to get the best satisfaction from this car.
  1.  Honda pilot: This is another family car that is very affordable and would not cost you so much. It has a very comfortable interior and has enough space. 

Are you ready to get an affordable foreign used cars Nigeria car? Contact us today and let’s get you started on the process to own a car.

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