4 Smart Ways to Negotiate with Car Dealers in Nigeria

If you do not understand how to negotiate with car dealers in Nigeria, you would most likely end up on the losing end and to make matters worse, you wouldn’t even realise it until the transaction has been sealed. No one enjoys getting swindled or paying above the actual value of a car.

You might trust a dealer on giving you a car in good condition but when it comes to pricing, you are probably scared of even asking the dealer to name his/her price. There have been cases of car buyers who insist on going to dealerships with friends who are more experienced in the art of negotiating with car dealers. Here are 4 ways to negotiate with car dealers like a boss:

  1. Know the Value of a Car


Whether you are buying a new or used car, nothing helps you in the negotiation process as much as knowing the worth of the car you intend to buy. If you are considering a used car in Nigeria, is the best place to check and compare prices for various cars. For new cars, you can compare prices with as many dealers as you want. Knowing the price of a car gives you the advantage of knowing when a dealer is trying to play a fast one on you.

  1. Call the Dealer at the End of the Month


Some dealers may be unwilling to meet you halfway because of the hope of making more sales before the end of the month. But as the month draws to an end and they are yet to meet up with targets for that month, your call and offer stand a chance of being regarded as a lifeline to break that jinx of bad sales.

An offer that was previously rejected would suddenly begin to make some sense at that time of the month and this is because they are under pressure to close deals at this time.

  1. Stick to Your Offer


When you eventually state your offer, the dealer’s response may be dismissive. He may swear by his breath that there is no way on God’s green earth that you are going to get a great car at such a price. He/she will point it straightforward that you got your numbers wrong for the car. Don’t be alarmed. This is all part of the trick.

The dealer will come with an avalanche of reasons why you should increase the offer; trying tactics from pleas, objections and ploys. You have to make it clear to him at this stage that you don’t have all the time in the world to negotiate.

Again, while the dealer tries to convince you to add to the offer, you could tell him that the reason you are still negotiating with him is that his dealership is close to your office. You can add that you would really love to take that colour of the car away but for his asking price. This is to block any complacency in him that sees your presence there as a sign that you will be the first to budge. Remind him that you are willing to complete the purchase immediately your price is considered.

  1. Know When to Walk Away


If the dealer fails to accede to your offer, it might just be the time to give in to his ( if his, is the best price you have received) or head for another dealer. There are certain pointers you should look out for – If the dealer hints that he is ready to give you a better deal if you get a lower offer elsewhere, let him or her know that you are not coming back to the showroom once you leave as you intend to complete the purchase immediately.

If the dealer gives you a final ‘take-it-or-leave-it offer,’ the onus lies with you to examine if the offer meets your target price or if it is a decent price for the kind of car you are looking to buy. If both answers are negative, it is probably time to walk away.

Likewise, if you think the final price is way beyond what you can pay, you could consider a trade-in with the dealer to cover the cost but if you consider it still unreasonable, then no need to hurry. You can always try another dealer for a fairer price.

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