5 Major Advantages of Buying New Cars

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Vehicle buying is a very daunting process as people are faced with a choice of purchasing either new cars or used ones. This decision is based on numerous factors including budget, cost price, intended purpose and longevity.

Today we will take a look at the overall benefits one accrues from purchasing a new vehicle and whether it is the right choice.

1. Tropicalization

If you intend to buy a new vehicle from an authorized dealer, then you will definitely get a vehicle that is tropicalized from the factory and is able to cope with our road conditions.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) classifies countries based on the Severity Rating index, which basically grades countries based on the quality of infrastructure, fuel, level of maintenance and climate.

Vehicles built for the developed market (Europe, Japan, USA) have a Severity rating of one, which means they have softer springs and suspension system, high-quality fuel systems. Sub-Sahara Africa including Kenya has a severity rating of 25, classifying the region a hardship area with poor infrastructure, fuel and climatic conditions.

The vehicle intended for this region come with a rough road package entails fitting of tough suspension parts, long life filters to ensure smooth operation in these conditions.

2. Warranties

All new vehicles come with a manufacturer guaranteed warranty on paintwork, mechanical and drivetrain of the vehicle. Should any issue arise in form of a defective part in the operation of the vehicle, the dealer is obliged to sort that issue at no cost to the owner.

Most warranties in Kenya are valid between 3 years or 100,000 kilometres from the date of purchase, however, with the improved infrastructure and fuel quality, we are seeing dealers extend warranties to 5 years.
You should also note that warranties don’t cover replaceable parts like brake pads, shock absorbers, oils or lubes.

3. After sales and service

New car owners do have the benefit of servicing the car at the dealership by trained professionals, capable of sorting out any issues that may arise. Use of genuine parts also is an added advantage as it ensures the vehicle operates optimally during its intended lifespan.

As competition heats up dealers are now throwing in 1-year free service for clients on the purchase of the car, as well as a service package after the duration of the warranty. This is done to ensure that the vehicle continues to serve you for a long time.

4. Financing options

Most dealers have signed agreements with asset financing institutions to offer a line of credit to qualified customers to purchase a vehicle with staggered payments.

These lending institutions are able to give you up 100% finance depending on your credit rating. They also consider the fact that you are buying a new car with a warranty. The risk is way lower than that of a used vehicle.

5. Resale value and buyback guarantees

New cars generally retain resale value guaranteed by the dealer as the car will rarely break down and will have a service history that the dealer can vouch for.

Once you want to sell and upgrade your vehicle, the dealer will offer to buy back the vehicle and offer a new version of the car at an extra cost.

This takes away the stress of disposing of the vehicle and also gives you the additional benefit of having a new car to replace the older one.

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