Marketing for Nigerian car dealers

3 Effective Marketing Ideas for Nigerian Car Dealers

Effective marketing is essential for sales in the business of car dealership. Many Nigerian car dealers have refined their marketing approach to catering to both the traditional and new media needs of the business. They have explored marketing ideas that are technology-savvy, customer-focused and responsive. Below are some marketing ideas that have proved effective in recent times, which you can use for your car dealership:

Nigerian car dealers website

Mobile-Friendly Auto Dealer Website

Car buyers visit numerous car dealer websites in the course of making a final decision about what car to buy. They view specifications, reviews and testimonies on their mobile devices most of the time. This is mainly common with the urban and younger generation who are about buying their first car. Having a mobile-friendly website as a dealer puts you ahead of the pack and in the face of car buyers who are always searching for the best offers online.

Today, online visibility is almost about everything you need to call attention to your dealership. Therefore, your marketing can receive a great boost of potential customers with a mobile-friendly website that includes a live chat 24 hours a day, an online inventory, virtual showroom tools and more.

Digital and social media campaign - Nigerian car dealers - Cheki Nigeria

Digital and Social Media Campaign

The best car marketing strategies today are the ones that recognise the demographics of buyers. Therefore, care must be taken in choosing a media-mix for marketing campaigns for better returns on investment. Painstaking effort has to go into determining the best media type to promote your brand and sales. Today, a mix of digital media and social platforms as well as TV, newspapers, local promotional avenues have been deployed with remarkable success with car dealerships. It is important to add that digital marketing and social media are accorded topmost priority.

Video Commercials

Different brands in Nigeria today have keyed into video commercials with great results. There is compelling evidence that people remember what they see more than what they read online and this is where video commercials trump other forms of marketing. If you want to leave a memorable impression of your dealership, try video commercials.

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