Top 10 Nissan Cars You Can Buy For One Million Naira

2003 Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan automobile has repeatedly proven that it is committed to excellence, innovation and great customer experience. It has exhibited this commitment in the sleekness and grand design of its products and continues to churn out remarkable cars that appeal to customers’ needs.

Nissan cars are usually affordable. Talking about affordability, here are the top 10 Nissan cars you can buy for one million naira.

1. 1997 Nissan Micra 1.2 (N780,000)

The middle name of the Nissan Micra is reliability. All Micra cars are styled with small wheels and this gives the Micra a deceptive kind of beauty. The 1.2 -litre petrol engine does not have a lot of weight to lug around and this accounts for its satisfactory fuel economy.

2. 2003 Nissan Maxima 3.5 S (N600,000)

This car comes with an impressively powerful V6 engine, sports car moves and plenty of room for as much as five adults. It has been the toast of people who want a V6 sedan, and it comes with a lot of standard features.

It has a spunky performance and reliability. Its dual-stage front airbags and ABS-equipped brakes along with other safety features make the Maxima high on safety.

3. 2006 Nissan Pathfinder (N900,000)

The Nissan Pathfinder has great off-road manoeuvrability and performance. It is a sports utility vehicle with a 4.0-litre V6 and three rows of seats.

The Pathfinder has a fully independent double-wishbone suspension and body-on-frame construction. It is rated high for comfort, reliability, exterior styling and interior design.

4. 2005 Nissan Murano (N780,000)

The Murano has a cool transmission behaviour, remarkable steering and handling and incredible ride stability. Its seats give great comfort and the car is a tale of performance. Handling is, however, the hallmark of the Murano as it performs with splendid passion. It corners beautifully and stays impressively flat through curves.

5. 2004 Nissan Primera (N700,000)

The Nissan Primera is a remarkable model that continues to fascinate many car lovers. It is an original beauty and a great choice for family rides. It is a simple but classy car that can take care of your travelling needs. The Primera is reliable, quick and comes at a reasonable price.

6. 2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE (N850,000)

The Nissan Pathfinder was one of the earliest compact sport utility vehicles. One of the chief benefits of getting a Pathfinder is comfort. There is much interior space and the Pathfinder has a lot of versatility; the  60/40 split rear seat features flip-and-flop cushions.

The 2003 Nissan Pathfinder also has great safety features: special body size reinforcement, side airbags, child safety locks and standard anti-lock brakes.

7. 2006 Nissan X-Trail Automatic (N980,000)

This is Nissan’s debut into the league of compact sport-utility vehicles. The X-Trail’s low ride height makes for easy access to the cabin’s logical but unusual layout. In the rear, the seat is bench-like but comfortable.

It also gives some extras such as reclining backrests and a ski pass-through hidden behind the centre armrest. The car is well-balanced as the suspension is compliant, especially on roads that are notorious for being riddled with potholes.

8. 2008 Nissan Sunny (N600,000)

The Nissan Sunny is a compact sedan with a sterling reputation for fuel economy, durability, low maintenance costs and reliability. Its 3-spoke steering wheel stepped gate-type shifter and quality fabric give the interior some flair.

9. 2005 Nissan Maxima (N800,000)

The 2005 Nissan Maxima was once regarded as a Japanese BMW because of its dynamic edge, affordability and practicality. With the passage of time, the Maxima has seen improvements to its size, becoming a larger-than-midsize alternative to sedans and near-luxury cars. The Nissan Maxima is fairly roomy for passengers.

10. 2006 Nissan Altima (N650,000)

The Nissan Altima is a comfortable, practical, roomy mid-size sedan. It boasts of an expressive styling, sporty handling and lots of power. The Nissan Maxima is muscular in horsepower and wheelbase and is one of the roomiest cars in its competition. It also delivers great acceleration.

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