Online Betting Trends in Nigeria

Nigeria is a sports powerhouse in West Africa. It has produced many sports legends like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nwankwo Kanu and Jay-Jay Okocha. Also, Nigeria has the highest number of soccer punters in the region. Some Nigerians wager on athletics, football, and volleyball at Betway88. In this article, we discuss online betting in Nigeria.

Common Betting Trends in Nigeria

Many Nigerian soccer fans wager on the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, and Spanish La Liga. These are the most common online betting trends in the West African nation:

1. Live Betting

Many punters get excited when they place bets and watch live games. Live betting involves wagering on sports events that are going on. It has better odds compared to prematch bets. But, you need to have a reliable internet connection to place bets before the odds change.

2. Casino

Casinos are more popular in Africa than they were two decades ago. There are two types of casinos, live casino, and regular casino. Regular casinos provide card games, slots, and table games. You can place several games in the same casino. Online game fans can visit  to play online blackjack, baccarat, online slots, and roulette.

3. Poker

Thousands of punters play poker daily. Many inexperienced gamers lose money when they play online poker. You can seek advice from skilled players or dealers. Besides, some websites upload beginner guides for poker. Understand different types of poker to make a profit.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Nigeria has domestic and foreign payment options. They include:

  • Paystack: It competes with Flutterwave and Interswitch. You can use Paystack to deposit money in a betting account with your debit or credit card. It doesn’t need you to add personal details whenever you transact. Moreover, you can use Paystack to make instant deposits in various bookmakers.
  • Interswitch: Interswitch is a new payment platform made up of the most famous payment options in Nigeria. They include Paydirect and Quickteller. The platform facilitates the electronic circulation of currency between organizations and individuals. Interwsicth started operating in 2002. It offers transactional services and payment products in Africa.
  • ATM Deposit: ATMs are popular in most African countries. Some punters transact with ATM cards because it doesn’t need them to be online, ATMs are near and they offer exemplary service throughout the year. Enter your ATM card and PIN before you choose Pay Bills or Quick Teller. Click others and use the merchant code of your bookie to deposit money. You need to key in your account ID.
  • Flutterwave: It helps financial institutions process electronic payments, mobile payments, and credit cards easily. It offers you different deposit options. Neteller, Skrill, and GTBank make instant transactions.
  • PayCom: PayCom is a mobile money platform with OPay, PiDo, and a wallet. It allows bettors to receive and send money. Some Nigerian punters use OPau to deposit at local betting firms.PayCom has offices in many cities like Lagos.

An improved internet connection and technological infrastructure have promoted the growth of online betting in Nigeria. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) monitors all gambling activities in the country. It issues foreign sportsbooks like Betway88 with gambling licenses. Nigerian sports fans spend 1.8 billion nairas daily in 2014 on sports gambling, according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

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