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Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands on Twitter

Social media is a huge aspect of car marketing. This is especially so with the huge arsenal of marketing budget that car manufacturers set aside each year to promote their brands. The best brands are on Twitter; promoting and responding to comments and inquiries about their products and services.

A study avers that 64% of car research is done between the hours of 6pm and 9pm. This means that most Twitter accounts that close for the day at 5pm won’t be available to respond to the queries of these car researchers seeking to patronise their brands.

However, the most popular car brands on Twitter operate almost round the clock. Have a look at the list below:


This brand came out tops in customer engagement in 2014. Its marketing team was vigorous with a line, ‘Go fun yourself’. It caught up with many Twitter users and their customers. With just a modest 27,000 followers in 2014, the brand pursued this campaign and was able to respond quickly to comments. The account operates between morning at 7am and 10pm at night and caters to the needs of out of office car researchers. Every morning, a customer agent tweets, hello and goodnight in the evening.


Nissan thrives on customer interaction. It cares about customer experience and sometimes retweets pictures of customers who have recently acquired a Nissan. This is coupled with useful content it shares on the platform to ensure that the customer is secured in the feeling that he/she is king.


Jaguar never ceases to amaze followers on Twitter. The account lives up to the reputation of the brand in the realm of quality. It teases followers with preview pictures that are irresistible and always interesting. With just a few words on the preview, you find yourself clicking to find out more about what is on offer.


The social media team at Volkswagen have devised a means of balancing fun and marketing on their Twitter account. You can find information from new launch prices to features of their latest cars.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a brand that is on the bucket list of many car lovers. The iconic British sports vehicle boasts of a huge following on Twitter and their various breath-taking pictures posted on the platform are enough compensation. The account doesn’t sweat with engaging in heavy self-promotion; it just throws a couple of pictures here and there and followers fall over themselves to appreciate the beauty of this car. It’s like a pretty girl in the midst of many men.


This is a worldwide brand. The buzz around Porsche is something that needs some marketing research. The brand is known for cars that command a second and even a third look from any viewer. Their speed is incredible and their looks are breath-taking. The UK specific Porsche account on Twitter generates a lot of engagement.

Land Rover

Land Rover has a truly committed marketing team on Twitter. This social media account is the best place to find the first peek looks into the latest development with the brand. The account also has a way of tempting you into clicking using attractive visual posts.


Honda’s Twitter feed reads without doubt like an engineering company that it is. It has something for car lovers and those who are into the conceptual/experimental side of car news. It is a great source of first-hand news on Honda cars.


With Twitter, Fiat seems to be on comfortable ground. Its youthful outlook to engaging the audience on the platform gives it an edge over most car brands. The account is a reflection of the brand values and the market it is after. The feed is a pure joy to read.


Kia takes Twitter with much seriousness; little wonder people also take them seriously on this platform. They post many visual contents that are beyond their car promotions and feature announcements. They post exciting news about UEFA Champions League football and gain more followers from these engagements.

Final Thoughts on Popular Car Brands on Twitter

The key to keeping a Twitter account alive is giving your audience value and engaging with them via timely replies to their comment and direct messages when they interact with your brand.

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Is there any car brand on Twitter that you have a soft spot for? Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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