Reasons buy Honda cars

10 Reasons to Buy Honda Cars

The Honda brand has evolved from a practical, low-cost car to a stylish brand. The company is respected the world over for its incredible quality and longevity.

Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle, Honda car brands offer you so much to fall in love with. They guarantee you the best driving experience and dependable service but that’s not all. Here are 10 reasons Nigerians keep buying Honda cars.

1. Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is one of the considerations people look out for when they want to decide on the purchase of a new or used car.

Honda has been an industry leader when it comes to building fuel-efficient vehicles. Many of its models have received 30+MPG on the highway. Off the highway or city driving, it boasts of more than 25 MPG. 

2. Resale Value

Honda is one of the best car brands when it comes to retaining their resale value. If you are looking for a car brand that you can sell for a tangible price after using it for years, Honda is one of the top choices you should consider.  Its several lines of models such as CR-V, Fit, Civic and Accord have always been awarded the ALG Residual Value and the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Statistics show that Honda has the highest customer loyalty of any brand, which translates to customer satisfaction. The true measure of a good brand is the number of repeat purchase carried out by customers. Honda has won countless Polk Loyalty Awards.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Honda vehicles are made to protect the environment. The brand has received huge recognitions for its efforts at making both their manufacturing plants and cars environmentally friendly.

5. Safety

Majority of Honda vehicles have consistently earned top safety ratings. This shows that Honda takes the issue of safety seriously. The Civic and Odyssey have received exceptional mention for their safety standards in the past, though other models rank tops on safety too. Many Honda cars come with state-of-the-art safety features.

6. Reliability

If you love a car that is dependable at all times, then you will love Honda car brands. For years, Honda has consistently featured in the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ Award and many of its models have topped the list for reliability.

Honda cars are built to last and its popularity among many car owners is a glowing testimony of its reliability.

7. Affordability

If you want a car of great quality at a reasonable price, Honda cars are the brand to buy. Honda cars are more affordable when compared to other brands in their class.

Over the years, Honda has built cars that surpass those of its competitors while allowing the price to remain within the reach of the middle-class.

8. Style

We have come to see how seriously Honda considers styling in the luxury and aesthetic appeal that its vehicles possess.

However, Honda wasn’t always this stylish. In its inception, Honda was focused on building practical and economic cars.

Cars like the Civic and Accord were fashioned to satisfy the yearnings for affordability and better-made alternatives to the American economy cars of the time. However, the passage of time and increased growth have brought ambitious styling to the Honda line of cars.

9. Practicality

Honda has some of the most practical cars. The Honda Civic has three different body styles: a coupe, a four-door sedan and a four-door hatchback. These cars are spacious despite their small stature. For example, the coupe comes with a large trunk and spacious back seat. The Odyssey, Accord and even Honda’s crossovers have a lot of space too.

10. Repairs

Honda has a reputation of covering many miles before needing repairs. Yet, when it does need repairs, they are usually easy fixes. The incredible numbers of Honda cars on the road means that spare parts are scattered everywhere, making repairs a walk in the park.

It is also not difficult to find a good mechanic that can handle your small Honda troubles. In comparison to other cars that carry the same price range, the Honda brand was found to require lesser repairs.

With so many foreign used and locally used Honda cars to choose from, we can help you narrow down your options and guide you towards making informed decisions based on your budget, needs and peculiar preferences. Simply visit to get started or send us an email at

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