Importance of Safari Check

Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip During The Rainy Season

Travelling during the rainy season can take a toll on your car. Most of the roads have developed potholes considering the road surfaces are wet and loose. Before you embark on a long journey, you must ensure that the vehicle in use is roadworthy. Your mechanic should do major and minor services before executing the safari check. This to ensure that the vehicle is ready to undertake a long journey. Below are factors involved in a safari check:

Scheduled serviceSafari Check Scheduled Service

Since it’s the end of the year, most vehicles undergo major service. This involves the replacement of service parts such as air/oil/fuel filters, spark plugs, brake pads, oils and lubes. The purpose of this service is to ensure that the engine and the drive train are working well.

Suspension checkCheck The Cars Suspension

During the year, the vehicles suspension components have worked hard to deliver a smooth ride. The chances are that some components like bushes and links are worn out. In this case, the mechanic will check for the wear and tear. He will replace them and tighten all bolts and nuts within the suspension set up.

Wheel balancing, rotation and alignmentConduct Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Due to excess wear and tear, the wheel alignment setting goes off once in a while. It is therefore important to visit a vehicle alignment centre to reset it. This displacement also happens when suspension parts have been replaced. Before resetting, you will notice that the steering wheel tends to pull to one side.

Wheel rotation is also important as it ensures that the car tyres wear out evenly. In case you experience vibrations when driving at certain speeds, it may mean the rims are bent or the tyre has a bulge. It is therefore recommended that you, straighten the rim and balance it to eliminate the vibrations. The mechanic will ensure that all-wheel bolts are secure to prevent sudden wobbliness while driving.

Heating and ventilation checkCheck The Heating and Ventilation Systems

The mechanic will conduct a pressure test to ensure that the air conditioning unit is working properly. In case there is a need to top up the air conditioning refrigerant, it should be performed at this stage. The mechanic will also ensure your wiper blades are in good condition. It is important to have good wipers, especially with the current weather conditions.

Electrical systems checkCheck The Electrical Systems

If there are any head, tail or signal bulbs that are not working, they need to be replaced. The headlamps have to be refocused to ensure better road illumination during the night. Window and door switches have to be cleaned to remove moisture. The battery terminals also need to be cleaned to reduce rust and corrosion from the battery acid.


It is important to undertake a safari check so as to know the condition of the car. That way, you get to drive confidently without unnecessary mishaps. Drive safe and arrive alive this festive season.

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