6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Safari Car

The car you choose for a safari is key to enjoying your trip. Your safari car is the heart of the entire trip because you will literally spend the whole trip in it.


Most tours and travel companies have invested a lot in their safari vehicles to ensure they provide the best services to you. However, sometimes you may be unlucky and end up in a terrible vehicle.


To avoid having a bad experience when on safari and maximise on the experience, we have highlighted six things to consider when choosing a safari car.

1. The type of vehicleChoose the right vehicle for the safari

One of the most recommended cars for a safari is the Toyota LandCruiser. Toyota Landcruisers are amazing cars. They can easily handle rough terrains and swampy areas.


These cars stand out as safari vehicles because they are powerful, durable, reliable and offer exceptional performance. Even though they are fuel-efficient enough to use one tank for a couple of days, they come fitted with two tanks.


Additionally, you can modify the Toyota Landcruiser specifically for safaris. Amongst the features, you should look out for when picking the car are:

  • Tyres and wheels designed for the rough terrains
  • A car fitted with a snorkel to enable it to handle deep waters
  • Great shock and suspension system for a smooth ride
  • Increased ground clearance.


2. Select an open seating or closed cabin vehicle

You can choose an open or closed seating car for your safari

When researching on safari cars to select, you may have seen different designs of vehicles. Some are fully open while others are partially open forcing you to stand to see the views clearly. You can choose either of them depending on your preference.


An open seating safari car is one where the vehicle has no doors, windows or frames blocking your view. On the other hand, a closed cabin vehicle is more suited if you want to have privacy away from the driver or tour guide.


The amount of access you want to the animals will depend on you. If you love animals and want an unobstructed view, an open seating car is more advisable.


3. The car should have a canopy coverThe safari car should have a canopy cover

Having a fully open car is great until it starts raining or the heat gets unbearable. When choosing a safari car, confirm that the canopy cover is available and in good condition. It will come in handy when it starts raining or generally to provide a bit of shade while you enjoy your drive.

4. Safari car power charging system

When on safari, there are usually little to no access to charging stations. It is essential to have your cameras, phones and other devices charged from time to time. Therefore, you need a vehicle with a power charging system.


A game drive is usually around eight hours and your devices might die. A car with a power charging system can really put your worries to rest.

5. Refrigerator SystemThe safari car should have a refrigerator system

When choosing a safari car, make a point to ask the operator if they have a cooler or refrigerator. On a hot day, you will probably grab a cold bottle of water or soda at least once to quench your thirst.


With a refrigerator, you will not need to worry about the length of the game drive because your drink needs are sorted.

6. Proper storage options

When on a game drive, chances are you will have your meals in the wild. You need a spacious vehicle to hold your portable picnic table, chairs and foodstuff. Besides, you can always assemble them when it’s time for a break and have a meal in designated areas.


You will also need the space to keep your personal items like bags, chargers, gadgets that are not in use and even jackets. Additionally, you need enough space to move around and take photos and also just to travel comfortably.


Therefore when picking out a vehicle, take your time to look around it and ensure it’s spacious enough. Remember you will be spending close to eight hours in it.

Parting shot

A safari car is not just a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It is customisable to handle off-road adventures. Picking the right vehicle for a safari can make or break your trip. However, if you use the above checklist of unique features, you are likely to enjoy your safari trip.

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