Sell Your Car Privately in 6 Easy Steps

At some point, there might be a need to sell your car regardless of how long you have owned it for. It could be that you need to get rid of it in order to get a new model or you might find yourself in a financial situation that calls for urgent measures.

It doesn’t matter what brand or model of car you want to sell, selling your car privately requires strategy and tact. You need to know the market price and set a fairly reasonable one as well if you truly need the cash from the sale of the car in good time. Below are tested and trusted steps to follow to sell your car:

1. Check the State of Your Car


Checking the state of your car is the first step to sell your car. This involves running a complete check on the car to know the level of repairs you need to make in order to raise the market value of the car.

Putting a car up for sale is an art and it must be carefully executed; especially if you need to sell it fast. Give the car a proper makeover; like waxing to eliminate scratches, washing to make it sparkle and endeavour to get the engine in proper condition.

2. Find an Expert to Value Your Car

In order to avoid setting the price too high or ridiculously low, you need someone knowledgeable about cars to assist you in fixing an appropriate price for the car. Your local mechanic could help you in this area and could even be helpful in connecting you to a buyer. Remember that mechanics act as both repairers and trusted advisers to their customers; some of whom may be in need of a used car.

3. Advertise Your Car Online


Now that you have given that car the needed facelift, you can proceed to advertise the car. The old ways of advertising your car on the pages a hard copy version of a newspaper doesn’t cut it in today’s business of buying and selling cars. Today, ads are placed online- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and other trending platforms. For optimal impact, you should consider listing your car on a platform trusted for buying and selling cars in Nigeria.

4. Show Your Car

Not all interested buyers who respond to your ads and promotions will go as far as requesting for an inspection of the car. Your feedback will be premised on how interested they are in buying the car. Some seller Many sellers are quite selective on encouraging prospects to come for an inspection. It boils down to the level of feedback you receive from them. For the inspection, you can get a space in a quiet neighbourhood where potential buyers can come to inspect the car.

You should bear in mind that as much as you are screening the buyers, they are also screening you to know if you are trustworthy. Keep them at ease by answering their questions sincerely and openly. Be prepared to answer questions like, “what is really wrong with the car sef?” and “why do you want to sell it?” Some may bring their mechanic along to have it inspected – This is normal, so you shouldn’t raise any flags. No interested buyer wants to buy a car that will have a lifespan riddled with mechanical troubles.

5. Negotiate with Buyers


After inspecting the car, a serious buyer will make an offer. The negotiation may start with phrases like “I like the car, but…” or “What’s your last price?” Some buyers may be uncomfortable negotiating, so they hide behind these phrases. Make them comfortable enough to negotiate with you openly. Ask them, how much they will be willing to pay; this is to draw them out of their uneasiness. When they are comfortable enough to negotiate with you, you can then proceed to state tell them your asking price.

6. Sell Your Car

During the negotiation process, ensure there is no misunderstanding in terms of the asking price and the condition of the car. Once these have been taken care of, you can sell and complete the necessary legal exchange and documentation.

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