Six Types of Car Services You Need to Avail on Proper Schedule

Six Types of Car Services You Need To Avail On Proper schedule

Cars are machines, and like any machine they need maintenance. Almost all car owners and drivers know that one of the most important parts of road safety is maintaining their cars and the importance of car maintenance cannot be exaggerated. Maintaining your car keeps it running smoothly and safely down the road for a much longer distance compared to never doing the upkeep. It also helps you avoid frequent car repairs and you can do this by having scheduled car services. Here are six valuable tips that car owners and drivers should take note of in maintaining their cars.

Change your oil regularly: Your car engine needs regular oil changes because it is responsible for keeping different parts of your car engine moving cohesively with minimal friction. The oil in your car turns black over time and it needs to be changed for a healthy engine. Seek professional advice on how often you should change your car oil.

Rotate your tyres and check air pressure. Your car tyres keep your car connected to the road, allowing you to be able to turn, accelerate and brake safely. It is not new that worn-out tyres are a risk to the driver and other road users, you should rotate your car tyre every time you change your car oil. Also, check your alignment to make sure your steering is straight and your car tyres are well balanced.

Check your battery’s charge. The thought of being stranded in the middle of the road can be scary and your car battery can sneak up on you without any sign or symptom of tear or wear. Car batteries averagely have a 3-5 years warranty but it is not uncommon for batteries to last 2 years. When you change your car oil, check your car battery’s voltage and if it has reduced, it is time for a change.

Replace your car oil filter. Your car’s oil filter is the part of your car responsible for removing dirt from the air being pumped into your engine. The more you drive your car, your car’s air filter becomes soaked with specks of dirt and needs to be replaced. If you drive through dusty areas often, you should check your car’s oil filter regularly.

Check and replace your wiper blades. Your car wipers blades are made of rubber and they wear out over time. Worn-out and old wiper blades will leave scratches and streaks on your windshield thereby making it difficult to see through. You should change your blade at least once every year depending on how often you use it.

Replace old spark plugs. Spark plugs are a very small part of your car but they do big jobs. Your car plug needs to be changed every 50,000 to 65,000 miles depending on your car. When one or more spark plugs are not functioning, it pressures your car engine and makes it work harder, causing inconsistent performance of your car engine. Inspect your car spark plug regularly and replace any dying or burnt-out plug. This will make your car engine run smoothly and your car last longer.

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