Stop Speeding

Ways to Stop Yourself from Speeding

We enjoy the fast and furious movie series for several reasons; especially because it’s loaded with fast cars that don’t stop speeding. That’s not all… The glide of tires against the road in the movie is simply exhilarating and breath-taking. But please don’t try any of these when driving in real life as the producers of the movie openly share this warning.

Speeding is one traffic crime many drivers are guilty of while on the road. The urge to get past other cars on the road is real. Same goes for the urge to reach your destination as quickly as possible. This urge has tempted the most careful of drivers to sometimes throw caution to the wind to drive really fast. However, speeding comes with a lot of consequences; sometimes minor and at other times, the consequences are so grave, they become fatal.

The minor consequence is that you could get a speeding fine from the traffic police. Though this is classified as a minor consequence, it doesn’t mean that the speeding tickets are always a small amount. Sometimes, the speeding ticket could deny you the cost of that new appliance you have been saving for months to buy or that weekend treat you have told your wife about, or that date with your girlfriend.

Sometimes, you might get away with speeding but the danger is that you might eventually run out of luck. In such a situation, you or your loved ones could sustain injuries or worse still, you could get everyone in the car killed and even become a danger to other road users. Statistics have shown that a common factor for road accidents is speeding. Here are some tips to help you stop speeding:

Know Your Route Ahead

Sometimes, the danger in speeding is not just about bumping into another road user but in missing the speed limit for a particular turn or failing to observe an important sign on the road. This could lead to your car skidding off the road. One way of preventing speeding accidents is by knowing your route ahead. Becoming familiar with different routes will help you monitor your speed as you drive along.

Use Cruise Control

If your car has a cruise control option, it is important you use it in controlling how fast you travel, while still adhering to the legal and safe speed limit. The cruise control is found on most modern cars and is an excellent feature for setting a safe and desired speed.

The cruise control can prove highly invaluable if you know the legal speed limit of a particular interstate road or highway. This will ensure that you don’t flout the law and end up wasting money needlessly on fines.

Check the Speedometer Frequently

The speedometer is there to give you a visual representation of how fast you are driving. It does this with the help of speed sensors or gears and wires. Therefore, keeping an eye on the speedometer is a great way to control your speed at all times.

It is also important that you run routine checks on your speedometer to ensure it doesn’t give you false readings, which could be just as disastrous as speeding itself. A faulty speedometer could make it difficult to manoeuvre cruise control and shift gears.

Download a Speeding App

With the proliferation of technology today, you can keep track of your speeding tendencies with just an app. Installing a free traffic and navigation app on your smartphone could help you control your speed whenever you are speeding. An app like ‘Waze’ will update you on the speed limits prevalent in the area you are driving and will send you an alert whenever you start speeding. This could be an invaluable addition to your driving experience.

Better Late Than Be Late

The main reason most people indulge in speeding is in order to catch up on an event or target (meeting, interview, wedding, etc.) they are running late to. Generally, roads, just like life, are unpredictable and you have to learn how to cope with delays on the road to avoid allowing desperation to force you into doing something you might regret later. Therefore, it is best you resolve within you that your safety stay a topmost priority when driving. Also, whatever you are running late for is not as important as getting there alive.

The alternative is to leave home early to allow time for unpredictable events like road traffic. Once you are on the road before time, you lose the incentive to begin speeding because you are relaxed and in no hurry of missing your appointment.

Final Thoughts

Although there are apps that can help you maintain a decent speed limit, having someone you can be accountable to in your quest to stop speeding is totally invaluable. This person could be one who regularly rides with you in the car or could be a family member. Having a structure of accountability could make you a more responsible driver who values both his life and the lives of other road users.

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