Tips Of Being A Successful Car Salesman

How to Be a Successful Car Salesman

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you know that up to 92% of car buyers or car hire clients research their preferred cars online before walking into a car dealership? They look up prices, features, fuel consumption, and just about everything important to them in a car.

These potential buyers are well-informed and engage multiple car dealers before making their final decision.
In an era where car shopping has gone online, how can you position yourself as a successful car salesman? Here are six tips for selling cars in the digital age.

1. Know Your Stuff

Better than Google, we might add. Car buyers prefer dealing with someone who knows more than what they can find with a simple search. Take the time to educate yourself about the cars your dealership sells and more. Learn their features, performance ability, competitors, and common problems.

If your company has a service center, make friends with the people that work there. Visit them from time to time, learn what they do and the most common issues they deal with. The more you know, the more confident and trustworthy you’ll appear.

Once you start engaging with clients, you’re bound to receive a ton of questions. Answer them honestly because it will help build trust between you and the customer.

If you don’t know the answer, find out, but don’t ignore, evade, or misinform the customer. In your communication avoid contradicting the customer. Most people don’t like that, rather lead them gently toward the truth.

2. Take Your Online Marketing Seriously


Unfortunately, car dealer websites in Kenya are static and boring. Pictures of fancy cars and a lead generation form are just about what you’ll find there.


Our inboxes are already full of unread emails, nobody wants another “spammy” email from an overly enthusiastic salesman. What can you do differently?

Talk to your manager about revamping the site. Add videos, intriguing images, and engaging articles to keep visitors on your website longer. The more the visitor likes your page, the higher the chances of engagement and conversion.

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to talk about your services, the latest cars on the market, and other interesting auto news.

Add some humour to your content from time to time and see if it gets chuckles out of the readers. Humour allows readers to see your human side.

3. Use Video

screen attached to the back of a seat
Research shows that up to 72% of online researchers prefer watching a video over reading.
Use video to show off your team, company culture, the cars in your yard/showroom, and beneficial features. This will help potential customers know what to expect when they come to test out the cars in person.

Talk about special discounts or share simple car maintenance tips. Be the go-to expert that existing customers and potential ones can trust.

Successful car salespeople all over the world use video to reach potential customers. Once they get an online lead, these salespeople send personalized introductory video emails using the lead’s name.

This shows the person on the other end of the video that they matter and helps build trust in your brand. The video recipient is more likely to continue the discussion when they feel valued and show up at your dealership.

4. Generate Your Own Leads

While advertising on social media is a fine technique, you shouldn’t rely on it alone to generate leads or sales. Generate leads by approaching organizations to offer group discounts for employees who qualify for car loans.

Start by teaming up with a bank or two for special hire purchase terms for your customers. Then initiate discussions with HR managers of various organizations explaining what you have to offer their employees. Carry out some research to ensure the vehicles you’ll present are within the staffs’ buying range.

Once you secure a meeting, showcase the vehicles you’re selling and purchase terms. Be honest in all your dealings and answer all questions truthfully. This one-on-one engagement is an effective tool for reaching potential buyers.

Many people think about buying cars, but they are not sure where to start. Showing up where they are, will help break the ice and start an engagement that will possibly lead to conversions.

5. Don’t Be Pushy

Closing a sale is tough, but pushing a potential customer to buy a car won’t get you far.
Buying a car, whether it is a budget option such as a Toyota Probox or an expensive model such as the Mercedes S class is always an emotional experience for the buyer. The customer needs to feel that they own the decision.

No matter how badly you need the sale, don’t get desperate. Customers sense desperation from a mile away. They don’t like it, and chances are they will move to the next dealership on their list.

Be patient and allow them to think through their decision. Just because they haven’t bought the car today, doesn’t mean it’s over. They probably need more time to think.
One of the best ways to stay at the fore of their mind is by sending them a thank you video. Thank them for stopping by and let them know you’re available to answer any questions.

6. The Sale is Just the Beginning


One of the best ways to become a successful car salesman is by building lasting relationships with your customers. The relationship shouldn’t end when the customers drive off with their new car.

Ideally, your customer should be a part of your marketing team. Learn how to keep them coming back or referring their friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours to you.

After the sale is complete, follow up with a thank you email or phone call. Find out if they are happy with their car, how it’s performing, and let them know that you’re available to help if they need it.

This is where the “knowing your stuff” we talked about earlier comes in handy. You’ll be in a position to volunteer helpful information or direct them to someone trustworthy if they have an issue.

While you’re at it, send them e-greetings on their birthdays and during holidays. Staying in touch with your customers keeps you on top of their minds when someone they know wants to buy a car.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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