Importance of a Proper Security System for Your Car

vehicle security system

Your car remains one of the most important assets and deserves to be secured to the highest level. It is thus imperative that you need to set aside some money to invest in a proper car security system that guarantees your safety and that of the car. The cost of a break-in can far exceed the cost of a quality security system. If someone breaks into your car, you’re not just going to pay for the stolen property.  If your personal information is stolen from your car, you’re at risk of identity theft, which can take months or years to recover from.

Majority of modern cars do come with a standard inbuilt car immobilizer/alarm system but as we are in a technological revolution, carjackers have adapted and acquired systems that can bypass the factory alarms with ease/ What you need is a mix of ‘old school’ anti-theft deterrent systems gear and steering lock, power cut out system and tracking device as extra layers of protection.

Installing a quality security system in your car can save you money as well as saving you the hassle and frustration of dealing with a break-in or theft. The good news is that car alarms come at every price point and are affordable for any budget. Not to mention, the long-term protection you receive far outweighs the upfront costs.

Secure Your Car

Apart from having security gadgets installed, the human element is the most important aspect of car security. Thieves monitor and take note of unsuspecting drivers behaviour and attack when your guard is down e.g. when refuelling, arrival at your residence or when parking at the shopping centre.

Pointers on How to Secure Your Car

  • Get car identity done on all vital components e.g. side mirrors, window panes, headlamps and wind deflectors.
  • Fit a proper alarm system that has a cut-out switch, motion sensor and immobilizer
  • Use locking wheel nuts to prevent the theft of your wheels.
  • You can apply reasonable tint film on your windows to prevent prying eyes from looking inside the car.

Where should you park?

  • Keep your car off the street if possible. If you’re at home and you have a garage then use it. Make sure you lock both the car and the garage.
  • If you don’t have a garage, make use of the driveway if you have one.
  • Don’t park in isolated or remote areas. Whenever possible, park in a busy, well-lit and CCTV covered area.
  • Try and park close to the exit – this will increase the amount of traffic which will pass your car, making it harder for thieves to operate undetected.

What to do after you park?

  • Lock all items out of sight. Don’t leave anything on display and take valuables with you.
  • Ensure you activate the alarm system when leaving the car and confirm if the doors are locked properly.
  • NEVER leave your car unattended to defrost windows with the keys in the ignition.  Many car thieves actively target this – even first thing in the morning when darkness can provide cover.  Any insurance claim could be adversely affected as it may be considered driver negligence. It’s also an offence to leave a car unattended on a road with the engine running


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