What’s The Deal About Electric Cars?

Have you ever wondered why electric cars are really special? We are here to help you understand why electric cars are valuable and are the future of cars.

As the name implies, these cars work by being plugged into a socket or a charging point. This charging is similar to charging a mobile phone – give it a full charge when you can. After being charged, the electricity is stored in rechargeable batteries that then power an electric motor, which turns the wheels. With an electric car, you are sure that your car would accelerate faster than vehicles with fuel engines. Electric cars are also lighter to drive.

Why should you get an electric car?

1. Less noise: Electric cars are much quieter than petrol and diesel cars.

2. Battery life: electric cars have a longer battery life as they have more batteries than a regular car that runs on fuel. Batteries are important in every electric car. Electric car batteries are lithium and a good battery should last you up to ten years. These batteries cost a lot but the cost is expected to come down even more.

3. Cost-Effective: With an electric car, because you are not paying for petrol or diesel to keep your car running, you can save a lot of money on fuel. Within the past 3 years, the cost of maintenance on electric cars has also gone down.
More batteries are being produced and available tax incentives further brought down the cost, thus, making it much more cost-effective.

4. Lower maintenance: with an efficient electric motor you are going to spend less on maintenance. Electric motors have fewer parts that lead to less damage than a regular car. Electric cars run on electrically powered engines and do not need their engines lubricated.

5. Better Performance: The acceleration on these cars is faster. You can also charge them at home, at work, and basically, everywhere you go.

As more of such cars are produced, more charging solutions and battery options would be accessible. With Autochek, you are sure to get the latest trends within the automotive industry.

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