2020 Ford Explorer

The 2020 Ford Explorer Gets Its First Redesign in 8 Years

For the very first time in 8 years, the iconic Ford Explorer has launched a resigned model, which it christens the 2020 Ford Explorer. If you’re wondering what this new machine has to offer, calm your nerves because we got you covered.

Shortly after unveiling the new Explorer, the president of Ford’s global markets, Jim Farley captured the release of the Explorer in a few words, “The company thrives when we have fresh product, it is just as simple as that.”

In this piece, we will explore the new form and special features of the 2020 Ford Explorer. For instance, this new model comes with a Ford Co-Pilot360, which provides driver assistance to avoid collisions but that’s not all. Below is a review of the 2020 Ford Explorer:

Fuel Efficiency

The 2020 comes heavy on fuel effieincy whilst achieving the comfort SUV owners have come to expect from this Ford. its towing capacity rises by an impressive 66% while making this model of the explorer more fuel efficient and lighter.

Farley had earlier explained that this model of the Ford Explorer represents the culture of growth. “With this new line-up of utilities from top to bottom, it is just really going to allow us to grow.”

With a starting price of N11.9 million, the 2020 Ford Explorer is expected to go on sale between June and September 2019.

A Sweet Spot in the Market

The Explorer remains one of the highest-selling midsize SUV, the competition continues to grow; especially with new models coming in the next few years. As you might have already guessed, the competition will be looking to sweep into the Explorer’s pole position within the midsize SUV market.

In 2018, Ford sold over 261,000 units of Explorers. This stands out as an respectable feat; especially when you consider the fact that this model of the Ford has not been put through a redesign in so many years.

The midsize SUVs constituted about 14 percent of the car market in 2018 and experts project that the numbers will just continue to climb.

The Rear-Drive Architecture

The 2020 Ford Explorer makes a transition from a front-drive car platform to the new rear-drive architecture. This happens to be the same feature used Lincoln Aviator, which has a similar size. Both models are assembled in Chicago and the all-wheel drive is available from the base model up.

Noise Cancellation

The Acoustic glass and active noise cancellation features in the 2020 Ford Explorer helps you and other occupants converse without any inteference from the car. it also has a dual-pane sunroof on top trims for you if you are interested in looking up and tuning out.

Final Thoughts on the 2020 Ford Explorer

It remains to be seen if the Ford Explorer will maintain its spot as a leader in the SUV market space. however, one thing that is clear is that the 2020 Ford Explorer positions Ford to continue to perform impressively well in the SUV space. This become even more crucial when we factor in Ford’s reliance on it’s SUVs and trucks to generate profit as it continues to restructure its business and brand.

One of the highlights of the Ford brand in terms of restructuring is its explorations into future technology like autonomous drive vehicles as made manifest in the billions that have been invested.

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