The Importance of Air Filter Element

The air filter element is a critical component of the engine combustion process. Vehicle performance is pegged on how clean or dirty it is. Basically, the air filter element is a ‘sieve’ strategically placed at the air inlet port that sucks atmospheric air to be used for combustion in the engine. 

It is made up of paper, polyester or absorbent material that filters the micro dust particles and other foreign debris. These particles and moisture may cause damage to the engine. The element is placed within a sealed pod that allows atmospheric pressure to be accurately measured by the mass airflow sensor and also provides equilibrium between the inlet and outlet manifold.

Cleaning air filters

Importance of cleaning/replacing air filter element

Every time you start your vehicle, huge volumes of air are continuously sucked into the engine. The filter ensures only clean air is allowed in for effective combustion to take place. 

The air filter removes and collects foreign materials from the air taken into the engine whenever it’s running. With time, the air filter has to be replaced. A clogged air filter affects engine performance and can increase fuel consumption and contribute to engine oil contamination. It also leads to hard starts in the morning, mass airflow sensor failure amongst other issues.

Car Air Filter

Duration of the air filter element

It is recommended that one has to replace the air filter after every 10,000 kilometres or 6 months. However, in Kenya, this period is halved to 5000 kilometres or 3 months. This is due to our high severity index which stands at 25. Simply put, we have extremely bad roads compared to other countries around the world.

Cold air intake filters that are washable and can last a lifetime in high-performance vehicles. They are quite pricey as compared to the standard air filter element but the special material filters ensure that only clean air is sucked in for the combustion process.

Always purchase genuine air filter elements from reputable dealers. Such dealership shops sell original replacement parts that are built to withstand terrible road conditions and will work effectively.

If you opt for the counterfeit air filters, you are bound to end up with a faulty air filter and inevitably, you end up exposing the mass airflow meter sensor to damage.

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